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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Why you should switch to sulphate free shampoo

A while ago, I have changed my hair routine completely and I started to actually read the labels of the hair products I bought. I always just used whatever my mum bought from the drugstore and what was already in the shower but since I have been buying my own products, I have noticed the difference in my hair! Now let's talk about these sulphates.

Firstly in case you didn't know this already, the order in which ingredients are listed on the labels of your shampoo is the amount that has been used of that ingredient. So for example, 'Aqua' is always listed first because most of the product contains water. (if this is not the case please throw your shampoo out right now) In most drugstore shampoos, 'Sodium Lauryl Sulphate' comes second and this is exactly the ingredient I am trying to avoid right now. I have always used any shampoo and every single one of them contains SLS. It comes in different forms sometimes such as 'Laureate Sodium Sulfate' but you will recognise what to avoid when you see it. 

Now you must be thinking, 'If this is not good for your hair then why is it in every shampoo?' and I thought exactly the same. SLS is a very good cleaner so when used on the scalp, it will quickly get rid of all the grease and oils. It is used in toothpaste as well for the same reason. However, since SLS is such a harsh chemical, it will get rid of ALL oils in your hair which is not good at all since your scalp needs its amount of natural oils to stay healthy.

All the shampoos containing this ingredient are the most foamy products as well which means you only need a little amount and it will save you money on buying a new bottle every time. SLS is actually very cheap to use which is the number one reason that all the companies use it, there are many other less harsh ingredients they can use but they are more expensive. 

Now you know a bit more about sulphates, here are some of my personal reasons on why you should avoid them and what improvements I have noticed since I switched to sulphate free shampoo. 

- hair is less dry
- more healthier scalp (due to better oil-balance)
- better for dyed hair, helps hair stay in its healthy condition 
- less harsh chemicals on your body
- hair is much stronger 
- better hair growth
- less breakage

Everything has of course its disadvantages but honestly the only disadvantage to switching to sulphate free shampoo is the foam, there is literally none. It is more of a cream and takes a little while to get used to but I do not have a problem with this at all anymore. Especially once you start noticing the difference it is totally worth it!

I am only showing the L'oreal low shampoo but there are many more good ones available in your local drugstore. Some examples are: Liz Earle Botanical shine, the Bodyshop rainforest, L'oreal everpure and some of the Moroccan argan oil shampoos.  

Let me know your favourite SLS-free shampoo, I always want to try out different products! Also if you have any questions please ask in the comments below!

Love, Marlinde x

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Little Black Dress

The back of this jacket is definitely my favourite part, I wasn't sure if this jacket was the one for me until I saw the word 'Dreamer' on the back and I was convinced that I had to have it! I actually bought it the last time I went back to the Netherlands in a store called 'Only'. I think denim jackets with writing on the back are just a little more special. Similar jacket here.

These shoes are so simple but sooo cute! I have been wearing them non-stop and will definitely look for similar pairs like these! They are extremely comfortable as well and I have worn these with pretty much every outfit you can think of.

The past few months I have been focusing on buying more staple pieces and it has helped me to pick out outfits so much quicker! I am always stuck in a situation where I find the perfect outfit to wear but not the right jacket or shoes, or when I want to wear specific shoes but I don't have a basic outfit to go with it. I love how simple but still put together this outfit is, little black dresses like the one I am wearing are such a must-have since they are so easy to dress up and down.

Dress - Nasty Gal 
♡ Jacket - Only (similar one)
♡ Sunglasses - Primark
♡ Choker necklace - Primark
♡ Shoes - ZARA

Love, Marlinde xo

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Pink and Denim


It was so hard for me not to post something these past few weeks but I had to focus all my attention on school. Now I have 2 more exams to go through so it is still a little bit stressful but I couldn't wait that long anymore so here ya goooo! A new outfit post for this beautiful weather! I hope that the weather is as good where you live as it is here because I have never been this excited for summer. 
I love love love this top I am wearing here because the colours are so bright and it just makes me happy right from when I put it on, along with this short (but acceptable) denim skirt and some converse. It is a very simple outfit but I think that is why I like it so much, it just looks so effortless and casual especially with the white converse. I think it would look great with some heels too but the skirt was already on the shorter side so heels were not an option for me this time. I can't wait to be back on the blog again it has been too long! 

♡ T-shirt - ZARA
♡ Skirt - Forever 21
♡ Shoes - Tower-london
♡ Choker - Primark
♡ Necklace - Tiffany

For everyone still taking exams; goooood luck! we're all in this together! (yes I started singing too)

Love, Marlinde xo


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Life Update - School, University and Blogging

Dear you, just to warn you in advance, this is going to be a hell of a long post. Although no apologies, sorry. Oh I guess that was one, oops.

I am writing this now late on a Sunday night in March because my mind is overfull and I just had to write about so many things that are going on and that I am planning (for this website as well woohoo). 

First of all, I know I haven't been blogging that much and that is because I have been so busy with school and finding the right university for me that I have just kind of put this blog to one side. I really tried to do everything together but it has been a month now since I last posted and that is waaaaay too long I know. SORRY. 
School is really my priority at the moment and working in retail aside that just does not give me much time left to spend blogging. 

Luckily, spending so much time researching universities, visiting open days, applicant days and trying really hard to get into the University that I wanted to go to has paid off because I have been offered a place at London College of Fashion! AAH! This has been my number one choice and I spend this past year working on my personal statement and ensuring that I met all the criteria. I still can't believe it and I am so grateful already. I do have to get certain grades to fully confirm my place which is why I am focusing so much on school at the moment. If I get the right grades in my subjects, I will start the course MSc Strategic Fashion Management in September. *fingers crossed*
This is an integrated master course which means even more years of study woohoo, just when you think you're finished with school, ha. 

I honestly hope that this is going to work out because I really want to go to LCF and study that degree, I think I have mentioned it once on my blog somewhere before but what I look for in my dream job is fashion, business and travelling. I think this is the perfect course for me and I think it will help me continue my path to my dream career!

So back to this blog again, now you (hopefully) understand why you haven't heard from me in awhile and are probably not going to much for the next couple of months. I am trying to finish all my coursework by May and my last exam is at the start of June. 
After that, I will have all the time in the world to spend blogging! I am so excited for that time already!

I have recently been thinking about the content of my blog and at first I thought I needed to make it more professional, with more ''how to'' and fashion posts but then I also don't want to lose that personal touch. So I decided my blog can be both professional with personal posts as well, I don't have many of those anyway yet because that was not what I was going for but I sometimes I have so much to say and I can't write it all in an outfit or beauty post. I think I am going to add another section to my website called ''Diary'' where I can just write about my thoughts and opinions and more chatty posts in general. This way, people who are not interested in my personal life can just choose a category to read such as fashion or beauty and don't have to scroll through these long paragraphs. Although I must say, I personally love reading long posts sometimes because I feel like you get to know a person a bit better. I do try to express myself and the way I am through my short posts where it is mainly pictures, but this is much easier and I don't have to cut out everything I typed because the post is too long, which is what I normally do with outfit ones. 
Can I just say, how hard is it to write something nowadays without using emoji's?! I even put the laughing faces next to some sentences in my head but it just does not give the same effect. (laughing emoji right there)

So that is it for school and this blog so far, good things are coming, promise! 
I hope you like the idea of a different ''diary'' section, it will certainly help me organise my posts better and I personally think it will all be better structured and I can really separate my content more. 

Now, can we all take a moment of appreciation for Ed Sheeran's new album please? Supermarket flowers made me cry the very first time I heard it, woah.
I don't know when my next post will be but if all goes as planned there are so many great things waiting! 

Hope you had a lovely weekend and let tomorrow's Monday be a great start of the week for a change.

Love as always,

Marlinde x

Saturday, 18 February 2017

From Winter Into Spring Outfit

Once Christmas is over, the winter can be so dragging and it takes ages for it to be spring and colourful again. I find this one of the most difficult times of the year to dress for. All the stores have released their spring/summer collections when even wearing two jumpers cannot beat this cold sometimes. I don't know about you but I have had enough of my winter coat and scarf now, I say it is time for something more towards spring.

I have put together an outfit that I think is perfect for this ''in-between seasons'' time. 
A white ruffled sleeved top from boohoo, along with a black leather slip dress from boohoo as well. Even though I don't always have the best experience with clothes from boohoo.com, it still has not stopped me from ordering again. Especially since they have a great collection and my basket is always filled up straight away! I think it is just accepting the fact that you get what you pay for. Yes, the quality is not perfect but what can you say from a top that might have cost you only £8. This is the case for most high-street fashion stores and boohoo offers such a variety of clothing that we just need to get over ourselves. 
I personally love the slip dress over tops trend but even more when the dress has faux leather material! I ordered the dress a size larger than I normally have because I did not want it to be very short, this is the perfect length for me. The sides, just under the straps needed to be taken in a little bit to make it fit better as it was a bigger size. The lace detailing at the top is my favourite part, I think it makes the look instantly very feminine as it gives that lingerie effect to it.

I am still looking for a bright pink top to wear underneath the dress and make it more colourful but until then I cannot go wrong with a white one. I know the ruffle sleeves are everywhere at the moment but I had to go along with this trend, it's so cute and easy to wear!

The bag I combined with this outfit today is from KoKo Couture, it is a large clutch bag and it comes with a silver strap as well to carry it around more easily. It is the perfect size  for when you don't want to overpack! I love this tan colour, I think it goes well with so many outfits and will never go out of style. However, it comes in a variety of colours and the grey one looks gorgeous too!

The shoes and necklace are both from New Look and tights are Primark as always.
Good luck getting through these last bitter winter months, I have to admit that I am still loving the hot chocolates and fuzzy socks but going to work when it is snowing, not so fun anymore. So get ready for more spring outfits soon!

Love, Marlinde x

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Affordable Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

So I might have discovered super affordable skincare products that actually work and I never even thought something like that existed?! Or not for my skin anyway. 

If you have really oily or dry skin then I don't know if these products will work for you but for those who have combination skin like myself and who struggle with a bit of acne, this post might actually be worth reading! (all the other ones as well of course)

I have tried soooo many different skincare products from different brands in all price ranges to try and reduce my spots and rednesses. A lot of them worked in a way that, it took care of my skin and kept it hydrated but it never REALLY did anything, if that makes sense. 

I love Bodyshop products and I love that they have so many different choices in each product they bring out, especially the body mists. However, even though I heard positive reviews about their skincare I never really decided to try it. For some reason I thought that for skincare to work, it has to be expensive. This is far from the truth but a product that is only £8.50 which removes every spot just sounds too good to be true. 

I went into the Bodyshop weeks ago to pick up the Vitamin E cream when one of their employees stopped me and said: "that product is not going to work for you". She looked at my skin and said that she worked in skincare for 20 years now and recommended the tea tree products.

Every night and morning I first use the tea tree 3-in-1 wash product, which can be used as a scrub or mask as well but I just like to use it to wash my face. I put this onto my skin and take it off using a muslin cloth. (these can be purchased at different places, I personally love the Liz Earle ones) After those steps I like to use the Garnier micellar water to ensure that there is no make up left on my face. Then I use a few drops of the Bodyshop's tea tree anti-imperfection daily solution, this product will last you for such a long time as you will only need the tiniest amount to cover your face and neck. Finally I use the seaweed cream from the Bodyshop as well to moisturise my skin. This is a really good range to use in combination with the tea tree products. 

Taking care of your skin is so important and please don't be put off by some ridiculous prices of well-known brands, it doesn't have to be expensive for it to work. Just do a lot of research on products before you buy them and have someone take a look at your skin to tell you what type you have. This makes buying the right products a lot easier!

Love, Marlinde x
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