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Sunday, 16 October 2016

An Autumn wishlist

To start of with a little secret, my wish list is way bigger than this. I mean, I can start talking about how grateful I am with everything I have and that I don't actually need a new candle, but how interesting is that going to be? I love making wish lists. They are just a little reminder of why I have to work late evenings when I actually want to sleep and why I need to save up my money instead of spending it on another frappuccino. 

1. Zara jacket - This gorgeous jacket from Zara is still a 'should I buy it or should I wait' item for me as I have walked past it sooo many times and still haven't bought it. I thought it might be worth waiting for the sale but then, when will it be in sale?! and what if it is already freezing by then? I really like that it is in khaki and I think it is the perfect colour for autumn. The zips and the belt at the bottom are the right amount of detail for this jacket and I think it would suit so many different outfits!

2. Pandora tiara ring - To be honest, I have never been into the Pandora bracelets with the different beads but their rings and earrings are stunning! I adore this rose gold collection with all my heart (no, this is not an exaggeration) but their is one ring that stands out for me and that is the Tiara one, it just has that 'princess diaries' effect and the fact that it is in rose gold is even better! I don't wear rings that often and I really want to find some beautiful ones that I can start wearing, this one is definitely at the top of that list! I also find Etsy a really good shop for unique pieces of jewellery and a bit less pricier. 

3. Lush sparkly pumpkin - Can anyone even make an autumn wish list without this sparkly pumpkin from Lush? I think no. As you could have read in my '10 reasons to love autumn' post last week, warm baths are one of the main reasons that I love autumn and I think a Lush product is definitely essential for a good bath. Tip: this pumpkin is only meant for those who don't mind having tons of glitter in their bath!

4. Yankee candle - A new Yankee candle! I still have my snowflake cookie candle from last year as I don't want it to finish (does anyone else have this problem?) but I really want some new ones, especially since it is getting dark earlier around this time of the year and candles with some fairy lights give a much cosier effect than the bright ceiling light I have in my room!

5. Hourglass powder - Ever since the beautiful Zoella mentioned the Hourglass ambient lighting powder in her video, it has been on my wish list. The reason I have put in in my autumn wish list, when even I wanted this product months ago, is that my skin already looks glower, and healthier in summer. I feel as if as soon as autumn and winter starts and the colder months are coming up, the appearance of my skin is not like that as much anymore which is exactly why I think this powder would be a really good purchase for autumn!

6. Origins face mask - I am a big fan of face masks in general, I think it is good to treat your skin with a bit extra than your daily moisturisers. This origins face mask in particular is described to be really good for clearing pores and reducing acne. Now, I will have to test this out before I can say it works but it sounds very good to me, I have also heard and read a lot of positive reviews about this face mask.

7. YSL Touche Éclat - Finally, the YSL Touche Éclat concealer and highlighter in one! I mean, does that not sound like the perfect beauty product?! I think this would be perfect for under my eyes, especially when I don't have enough sleep, to give a fresh and awake look! Also, the packaging is sooo pretty, I always have such high expectations from products with gorgeous packaging so I hope I get to try this one out some time. It is just a lot more expensive than my current collection concealer. I do think the collection concealer is the cheapest concealer (that works) ever so I might just need to save up for YSL if I want to try that one out.

Love, Marlinde x

Saturday, 8 October 2016

10 Reasons to love autumn

Oh autumn, I have been waiting for you.
It is finally here! The time of the year where everything is pumpkin spice. And what's not to like? This is the favourite season of most people and I cannot disagree. The change of colour by nature is so beautiful, that it would already be enough reason for this to be the best season but I made a list of 10 more reasons to love autumn (or fall) for people who are not looking forward to it because of rainy days and early evenings.

1. Fuzzy socks
Time to get cozy! no more sandals but time to look for those fuzzy socks! If I had to choose one item of clothing I could not live without it would be fuzzy socks, I have got a whole draw full of them in all different colours and patterns. They are so cheap to buy and keeps you warm when you walk around the house. I even wear them in my boots sometimes. The end of the year is the most cosiest time and these are definitely a part of that!
2. Hot drinks
Also part of the cozy time, hot drinks! Time to swap those mojito's for hot chocolate and tea. (and maybe even a pumpkin spice latte, or is that too much? I think no) A perfect night in autumn is not complete without a good cup of tea. It helps to relax as well, just like all of these reasons do.
3. Books
Although the summer holiday is a perfect time to read books, there is just something about reading in autumn when it is dark outside that makes in extra special. I have a long list of books I want to read this autumn/winter and I just feel like I take more time to read in these last months of the year than I do normally. My number one book I would recommend to anyone is 'Let it snow' by some of the top writers out there, it is a combination of stories that form the perfect book to read on cold rainy (or snowy) days.
4. More blog posts
I don't know what it is but all bloggers seem to be the most active around autumn. I personally am more inspired to blog during autumn and winter than I am in spring and summer. This is mainly because in summer there are so many things to do and all involves being outside in the sun and enjoying the hot weather. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging all year round but when it is 25 degrees you will find me on the beach instead of online. People tend to stay in a lot more during autumn and winter which means it is the perfect time to grab a laptop, some coffee and to write tons of blog posts. 
5. Closer to Christmas
YES. If this is not enough reason to love autumn than I don't know what is. Now I moved to England, I already see stores decorating for Christmas and adverts for Christmas meals at every restaurant I visit. I love that the whole Christmas spirit starts so early here! In Holland it starts around the beginning of December, just after 'Sinterklaas' which is for some people early enough but not for me!
6. Baths
Lush is already stocked up with their sparkly pumpkin bubble bars to provide everyone the bath they have been waiting for. I love taking baths however in summer it is always too warm and a shower is therefore a lot easier, which is another reason to love autumn; more baths! Nothing can compare to a good warm bath whilst watching Gossip Girl. (even after seeing all the seasons for the fourth time, there is nothing wrong with the fifth)
7. Layers
Shopping for a bikini is nice but shopping for cardigans, knee-high boots, scarves, hats, jackets, gets a lot more interesting. I love layering clothes and trying to find the perfect outfit. Finally the season where you can almost wear all of your clothes at once! My favourite autumnal colour is burgundy, I just think that colour sums it all up and everything looks good in burgundy, from jumpers to lipsticks. 
8. Candles
To all of those lucky people who are able to buy bath and body works candles, this should be enough reason to absolutely love autumn. Luckily, yankee candle do some pretty good autumnal candles as well such as spiced orange, salted caramel, pain au raisin and more and of course any candle is perfect for this time of year. (I just love those special smelling ones). To light candles whilst taking a bath and reading a book and a having cup of tea is basically all you need to do to understand this whole post. It is so relaxing and really helps you to relief some stress. 
9. More time to get things done
This might be more personal but I just think that it is easier to concentrate once autumn is starting. I can't concentrate in summer and spring is pretty hard too as it is almost summer then. But now, since I have been back at school for a couple of weeks I can finally start to concentrate on school, work and my blog again. I also think that people get more motivated around this time because they start to realise that it will be Christmas soon which means that the year is ending and they haven't done as much as they wanted. These last months often mean the chance to still achieve goals that were set at the beginning of the year.
10. Halloween
Last but not least, Halloween. I don't think I have to say much about this one, it is just a reminder. 

Love, Marlinde x

Monday, 3 October 2016

Smart and Stylish

As I said in my 'formal but fashionable' post, I had two outfits ready for my formal days at school which I still find very stylish at the same time. This second one is definitely my favourite out of the two, all because of this dress. I recently saw this dress in Zara and with some pieces of clothing there is just that moment when you see it and you know there is no going back. That happens to me a little bit too often, I had it with this dress as well. I tried it on, asked my mum what she thought and it only took one nod and a smile from her for me to decide. I am so glad that I came across such a pretty red dress, as I am always too picky when it comes to dresses like this. It is very comfortable as well and even after washing it a few times, the colour is still as bright as it was in the first place. This should actually always be the case but I am known for having bad luck with my clothes in the washing machine unfortunately. (oops)
A lot of people might see this dress and think it is more for an evening out, but I personally think it can be worn as a formal dress as well. If I would wear this for a night out I would probably pair it with some high heels and an outstanding necklace, but because this was for a formal day at school, I kept my jewerly to a minimum of a small thin silver necklace and two thin silver bracelets.
For my shoes, I chose to wear my black ankle boots from Deichmann, these are so comfortable to walk around in all day long! They have a fringe detail at the side and the material changes half way. I think this gives a really lovely effect to the boots.
With this outfit I really wanted to show that to look smart and formal, it does not always have to be black, white or grey. Neutral colours are overall seen as more formal but there is nothing wrong with a plain red, purple or blue dress for example. I would say to not go for crazy patterns and to keep it appropriate, so not too see-through or too short but there is more out there than the standard little black dress or white blouse.

Love, Marlinde x

P.s Happy October 3rd everybody, may you always wear pink on Wednesdays ♡

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Nanshy Make-up Brush Set

Personally I had never heard of Nanshy before so I was excited to try these brushes out. This brand is all about being good to animals which is why these brushes are 100% vegan and cruelty free. The luxury travel brush set includes 13 brushes such as foundation, eyeshadow, powder, blush, brow, liner and it comes with a cute little bag to carry them around easily. 
The set costs £36,95 which I find a reasonable price for the amount of brushes you get. The quality is actually very good, a bit similar to Real techniques brushes. I love the way they are designed, they are really good to hold when applying make up because of the shape. I had never used brushes before with this shape so it took some time to get used to but I prefer it to other ones now!
I am personally not a fan of the foundation brush in this set, it does work but I prefer a lot of other brushes so I will never use this one. The brow brush is not sharp enough in my opinion and a bit too thick. I am also missing a brush to apply highlight and maybe a contour one instead of so many eyeshadow brushes. However, I do think it is good to have more eyeshadow brushes. I have one favourite eyeshadow brush (not in this set) and I always reach for that one even though that means I have to clean it first. So I love that there is a variety of eyeshadow brushes in this set and that I have some more choice now! At the beginning some brushes such as the foundation brush feel a bit stiff, but that is more because they have never been used or washed before, and I don't notice it when applying make up either. Overall, I think it is a really good set, especially as a starter set. My favourite brushes so far are the powder brush and the eyeshadow crease brushes.
I hope this gives you an idea about Nanshy brushes and this set in particular. 

Love, Marlinde x

Monday, 19 September 2016

Formal but Fashionable

Since my school decided to make every Friday a "formal wear day'' this year, I had a perfect excuse to purchase new clothes. (if not I would have found an excuse anyway)
Not that I couldn't find anything appropriate in my closet for these days but I wanted something stylish yet still smart. I have put together two of my favourite outfits that I have worn on Fridays so far and I thought it would be a good idea to share them! Maybe this will give you some inspiration whether it is for work, school or job interviews. It is always good to have something ready when you go somewhere where converse and ripped jeans are out of the picture. I have decided to share these outfits in two different posts, starting off with this one.

ASOS is my go-to website at the moment, I must have hundreds of products in my 'saved items'. I bought both my dress and my shoes from ASOS but they are from two different brands. The dress is from Warehouse and I think it is the perfect dress for a formal day. First of all, you can never go wrong with stripes and second, this dress is really well made which I love, it fits nicely around the waist, the stripes match from front to back (this is almost NEVER the case with 'affordable' clothing) and the length is perfect; not too long but not too short either. The colour looked a bit grey on the website but it is actually a light denim blue colour and looks beautiful with the small white detailed stripes in between. It has two pockets on each side which gives the dress that little bit extra. I think it will look cute with a small belt as well but I liked it just the way it was for this outfit.

Onto my shoes, I have had my eyes on these for SO long. These beauties from Kurt Geiger were in the sale so I couldn't help myself. (again with the excuses)
I have never really been into loafers but lately I have learned to actually really like them and I am still looking out for a black pair. I am just extremely picky with these types of shoes because it is so hard to find a pair that I 100 percent love and that do not make me feel like a 70 year old yet.
Luckily I found this pair in a beautiful nude light pink colour with gold detail and two cute little tassels on each shoe. I must say that even whilst my feet were bleeding inside these shoes, I still looked at them and thought they were absolutely gorgeous. If that doesn't say  enough then I don't know what will.

Love, Marlinde x

P.S I always buy all of my tights from Primark, they are incredibly cheap but last me longer than some other brands!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

DIY | Make your own bath salts

With autumn and all the cold rainy days just around the corner, nothing is more satisfying than a warm relaxing bath at night. I thought I would share this DIY that I have been working on and cannot stop making. These bath salts are SO easy to make and will not take up much of your time at all!

I wanted these bath salts to not only look really cute but also to smell good. I decided to create the following scents: lavender, rose, vanilla and cinnamon-orange. I think lavender is my favourite at the moment but they all smell sooo good!

For this DIY you will need the following:

♡  Epsom Salt
♡  Food colouring
♡  Essential/Fragrance oils 
♡  Mason Jars (Mine were 490 g)
♡  Mixing bowl + Spoons 
♡  Ribbons

First of all, you want to pour 400 g of Epsom salt into your mixing bowl, (or into the mason jar first if yours are smaller/larger to see how much you will need). Then take 1/4 teaspoon of the essential oil and mix it in with the salts. This was strong enough for me but you can always add more if you prefer it a bit stronger. After that take 4 tiny drops of food colouring and mix it in with the salts as well. I chose to use purple for lavender and a light pink for rose but you can choose any colour of course, or even a rainbow if you put the salts in different bowls and then put them all together in the mason jar!

The reason I used Epsom salt instead of sea salt is because it has so many extra benefits; it helps against aching muscles, is really good for stress relief, colds, helps to relax and it improves sleep and concentration. So, there is every reason to take a bath with these salts! You can buy Epsom salt online very easily but also in stores such as Boots, some supermarkets and pharmacies. I bought 1kg for £4,99 and I filled two whole Mason Jars with it so I think it is definitely worth it! 

Finally, the best part of this DIY is decorating! Grab all the ribbons and little cards/stickers you can find and I promise it will make the Mason Jars instantly look 10 times better! I even put a small cinnamon stick in one of my jars. It was so easy to make this but I love how they turned out. These bath salts will also be a great gift idea for friends and family, everyone loves a good bath!

Love, Marlinde x

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