Sunday, 29 November 2015

Lipstick Clinique

Clinique is a brand I often reach for, but my grandparents surprised me with this gorgeous lipstick last week! I love red lip colours, they are the ones I wear the most so I loved the colour of this lipstick immediately! It is the High Impact Lip Colour in the shade 12; red-y to wear. The colour when wearing it is a tiny bit different than how you'll see it when opening the packaging, but it's absolutely beautiful! It moisturises my lips very well and it doesn't feel like I'm wearing lipstick. This lipstick stays on for so long! I normally don't believe those promises that products stay on that long but this one really does! Of course you will see difference after eating and drinking but it still looks beautiful! The colour stays very pigmented for a very long time. Also, lets talk about this packaging, isn't it amazing?! I think it's so cool and unique.
I can't find any negative things to say about this lipstick, well done Clinique!

What's your favourite red lipstick? I'm always looking out to try new ones!


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Life In England So Far

Picture: Google images.  Although I wish it was mine but my hair is not that long unfortunately.

Now I am finally a bit used to the idea of me living in England, I can say that it is 'okay'.

I personally thought there wouldn't be a lot of differences between England and the Netherlands, but I guess you notice every small thing that is different to what you're used to. 
Believe me, it's more than just the language, money, driving on the other side and the breakfast. (which is not that good actually, I only like the hash browns)
For example, it's so weird walking in school here and feeling like you've stepped into the real life version of 'Mean Girls'. Is it in every school like that? Or was that also in the Netherlands and did I just not notice it? Maybe I just hoped too much for a real life 'High School Musical'. Anyway, the school system over here is much better. You don't get drowned in all the homework they give you and you've got enough time in the lessons to complete most of your work. I'm in sixth form now so I got to choose a few subjects that I wanted to do this year. I chose business, business and marketing and product fashion design textiles. I love fashion design! I hope to do something with fashion as my career in the future. I could also chose something like photography, dance, media, art etc. I think it's such a good thing to let students not only work on things like mathematics but work on their creativity as well.
School is only the first thing that's different, there are so many!
The houses look so much better in the Netherlands. I think the houses over here can look pretty good if only the people took good care of it. I also miss seeing the name plates next to the door bell. I'm so used to seeing them on every house.
I miss the Dutch 'snackbar' a lot. I should open one myself because the chips are not nice in England at all. (I'm so sorry, I do like the fish though)
Shopping is of course different as there are different shops, but I really like the shops over here! My mum and I are still comparing every shop to a similar Dutch one but I prefer shopping in England.
I also love the idea of celebrating Halloween! I went back to the Netherlands this year when everyone here was celebrating Halloween, but I really wanted to experience that! 
I think it's so cool, everyone all dressed up!
The Dutch X Factor is nothing compared to this one! I love watching X factor here! (I don't know a lot of other shows to watch here) The judges are so funny and they really make it something special with performances of other famous artists.
I am going to miss 'Sinterklaas', a special day in the Netherlands on the 5th of December. Luckily, we are still going to celebrate it with our family!
These are by far not the only differences but I think there are too many to write.

As I'm still the new girl here, I just have to get used to all those different things, even the small ones. Besides that, it's going okay.
I made some friends in my school, a group of all lovely girls and I'm very thankful for them and that they didn't leave me on my own. My English is getting better but I still listen more than I speak. Sometimes I'm still afraid of if I'm saying things correctly but then I just have to remind myself: ''Your English is better than their Dutch".
I also got a job over here, yay! I really need to start saving money but I'm not really good at that, and I hope I'm not the only one! Maybe I want to start dancing again, but I am not sure yet. I think focusing on school and a job is enough to do for now.
The hardest part of moving to another country is knowing what you leave behind. Knowing that nothing will be the same anymore. I miss a lot of people from the Netherlands everyday. I just wanted to say to all of you, I love you and I miss you. ❤︎


Saturday, 7 November 2015

NYC Eyeshadow Palettes | Demi Lovato Collection

When I saw these NYC palettes from Demi, I knew I had to get them!
They are called 'Lovatics'. Isn't that amazing?!
I absolutely love Demi Lovato. I think she is so talented and inspiring. 
I must admit, that is the main reason I bought these NYC palettes, but not the only one!
There is a natural palette, and a showtime one. I love both of them! I just couldn't decide which one to get so I got both of them. I like the natural palette for on a regular daily basis, when I don't want my eyeshadow to be that extreme. It has a lot of different natural shades but I use every single one of them. There are loads of natural palettes like this one out there, but I highly recommend this one from NYC because it is very good quality and not expensive at all. Each palette was €9.
I bought them in the Netherlands, when I was visiting everybody I miss a lot. ❤︎
I don't know how much they cost in the UK, but there will probably not be a huge difference.
The colours of both palettes are very pigmented, more than I expected.
They come with two small applicators which I personally don't use, but it is always nice to have something straight away that you can apply the eyeshadow with.
The showtime one is for when I want my eyes to stand out more, especially for the Christmas days that are coming!
It has more dark and shiny colours and you can create a beautiful smokey eye with it. I am not really a fan of the orange colour, but that is the only thing I don't like about this palette so no complaints here!
I have not used a lot of NYC's products, but I do really like these eyeshadow palettes so I think I am going to try more of their products! 

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