Sunday, 27 December 2015

Favourite time of the year | Christmas

Guess who needs some self tanner?! Yes, me! Although it is winter and there is no sun to give me a tanned look, I feel like I am the new snowwhite! I only need seven dwarfs and everyone would believe it, any volunteers? I am not good at cleaning houses though, too lazy for that. 
 I can't believe Christmas is already over, these days went so fast! 
Me and my sister flew back to the Netherlands to spend Christmas and New Years' Eve here. We went to my grandparents at Christmas' Eve and there we had dinner with the whole family! It is so lovely to see everyone together again and I got to wear this dress which I bought a year ago, I had never worn it and I thought it was time for that so I finally did!
 On the first day of Christmas my boyfriend and I went to see his family. I had already eaten so much the day before but you gotta keep going! And then there was the second day of Christmas, also a lot of food but I had some space left for my favourite food, spareribs.
 Although my boyfriend and I don't get to see each other that much, I am glad we can still spend these special days together.
 I was already in the Christmas spirit because of all the songs on the radio and the lights on people their houses but I couldn't tell it was winter when I looked outside. There is no snow and it is so warm for December. I won't complain about that since I am always cold but it starts to feel like April. 
 That is no reason for me to not be in the Christmas spirit, I really enjoy this time of the year. Sometimes I feel like everyone is at their best when it is Christmas. A little bit happier and a little bit more caring for others. 
 If it was up to me, it would be Christmas every day!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Sleek Highlighting Palette | Midas Touch


This limited edition highlighting palette from Sleek is perfect for the holidays! It has four beautiful shades; Solitaire, Tanzanite, Rhinestone and Cubic Zirconia. Tanzanite is my favourite, the top right one. All four are very pigmented and I only use a small amount of product because I don't like an extreme highlighter, but you can build them up. The pink, blue and white one are baked powders and the silver one is a special cream formula which is really pretty. The colours are very glittery and sparkly, which I wouldn't use on an every day basis but it is perfect for Christmas and New Year's Eve! The palette comes with a small brush so you can apply it wherever you are!
I also really like the black and gold packaging, it closes by a magnet so it won't fall open in your bag. I also love that there is a good mirror inside, that is always a big advantage for me. On the back of the packaging there is a step by step guide on how and where to apply each colour, but I just applied it where I wanted it. (cause im so independent)
I find Sleek a very affordable brand for the quality you get! This is a limited edition palette which I recommend if you are looking for something festive for the holidays!

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