Sunday, 13 March 2016

Next 'Make Me Beautiful' Eyeshadows

Today I went shopping with my sister and I saw this gorgeous eyeshadow quad at Next. I thought the colours would look great together for an everyday eyeshadow look so I bought it. When I came home I immediately took pictures for my blog and tried the eyeshadows to see how they would look. Unfortunately, there was nothing to see. These eyeshadows have hardly any pigmentation and it is so hard to get some product on a brush. I tried to use it both wet and dry because on the packaging it says that it can be used either ways, but not in my opinion. I was so excited to try it but now I am just happy that I kept the receipt and I hope I can return it. If you have tried these eyeshadows and it worked for you, please let me know how because I can't find a way to put any colour on my eyelids with this product. This eyeshadow quad costs £7,50 and looks good in the packaging but that is the only positive thing I can say about it, I think it is not worth the money. 


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  1. The look of them definitely seem to trick you don't they! This always happens to me as well and I'll be so excited to try a product and just be so let down by the quality of them hahah :)

    Kathy x


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