Saturday, 28 May 2016

Mini Lush Haul

Last week I went to Bluewater (an amazing shopping centre in the UK) and I picked up a few products from Lush as it is extremely hard to walk past that store without having a little look, the smell already leads you straight into the store. I did not buy a lot but I thought I'd share the products I picked up anyway.
First of all, the Frozen bath bomb! I am absolutely obsessed with the Disney movie 'Frozen' so I hope this bath bomb is just as good, I haven't tried it yet because it looks so pretty and I want to keep it instead of throwing it in the bath. You know when you see a birthday cake that looks too good to eat? I have got that same feeling over the bath bombs from Lush. (I don't think I am alone on this one)
Apparently this frozen bath bomb is all filled up with silver glitter and sparkle which sounds incredible to me but maybe not for people who don't like their bath to be covered in glitter afterwards. The grapefruit oil in this bath bomb should feel very refreshing and uplifting. 

I picked up three of the bath oils which are each only £2. They are small so therefore the price is cheaper than other products but they are so cute and since they are oils, the size is perfect. I picked up 'floating island', 'you've been mangoed' and 'melting marshmallow moment'. Floating island has got a tiny piece of vanilla planted on top which I really like. It has got different oils inside such as lemon oil, almond oil and coconut oil and also some shea butter which helps to moisturise the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. You've been mangoed has got mango (obviously) and avocado butter in it which I have never really heard a lot about so I find it very interesting and I can't wait to try this one out, I think it will leave my bath totally green for a change! Melting marshmallow moment is yellow and pink with a lot of glitter on top. It feels more oily than the other two when you hold it and is very dangerous to put on anything white. (Exactly what I did when making these photos)
What's very interesting is that this bath oil has marshmallow powder as an ingredient! This must be a really sweet scent. It also has coconut oil and shea butter again and I am excited for the melting marshmallow moment!

Another bath bomb I picked up is 'Tisty Tosty' which is based on a love potion. It looks absolutely gorgeous and even though it is not something that stands out in the bath bomb section such as Frozen or The Experimenter, the roses make it look like a very stunning and romantic bath bomb that everyone needs! It has got a lot of flower ingredients such as rose oil, geranium oil, jasmine absolute and rosebuds. I think this is a very relaxing and calming bath bomb with a lovely scent to it. I'll use this one on a night when I can use some time to relax and read a good book in bath surrounded by some yankee candles of course. 

Finally, I have wanted a massage bar from lush for a long time now and I chose to try the one called 'Wiccy magic muscles'. The reason I chose this is because it said that it helped with aches and pains and I wanted to see if it worked! I have actually already tried this one and I love it so much! I would recommend this to anyone who gets achy muscles easily because the warmth of this massage bar helps to loosen up muscles. The smell is peppermint and cinnamon which may sound like a strange combination but it actually smells really good and refreshing. It does not only help with pains but it is also extremely moisturising which is what I think a massage bar should do. I am so impressed by this product from Lush that I picked up and I hope the other ones are just as good!



Sunday, 8 May 2016

Spring Outfit | Grey dress and pink shoes

I promised to do an outfit post with the pink shoes so here it is! 

♡ Dress : Asos
♡ Denim Blouse : H&M
♡ Shoes : Boohoo
♡ Necklace : Primark
♡ Flower Headband : Primark

I love this outfit a lot and the weather is finally warm enough in the UK to wear this. It feels as if this was the longest winter ever since we are already in May and the sun has just been out for the past week. Anyway, it is finally the time for bare legs! (extremely white bare legs that need a tan) This grey dress is from Asos and has been in my saved items for a long time but I just never ordered it until it was in the sale. This time it turned out to be a good decision to wait but normally they just ran out of my size and I regret that I did not order sooner. 
 I think the grey goes really well with the pink and I love the detail on the sleeves. It is a very casual outfit but I think adding the necklace and the flower headband makes it a bit more cute. I love shopping for accessories in Primark because they just have so many to choose from, and because this necklace was only 50p. Wearing this flannel around the waist makes the outfit complete but is also good to have when it is getting a bit colder in the evening because then you can just wear it as normal. 

I have worn these shoes around four times now and the first two were incredibly painful, not gonna lie, blisters literally everywhere. But even after that experience, I decided to wear them again! Silly me. I just did not want them to be hidden in my closet because they were so painful, which is actually a normal thing to do but not for me. Now they feel a bit better because the material is getting a bit 'softer'. It is just a case of wearing them more often. By the way, if you are wondering what I have got on my arm, I burned myself while making a pie. (oops)
Anyway, I will be wearing this outfit a lot during spring and summer! 

p.s is anyone else afraid to actually take polaroids?! I mean you only have a few and what if they don't turn out okay?!

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