Sunday, 26 June 2016

Contour away with this collection duo

This Collection contour kit in the photos has not been used yet but I have actually been using my little sister's one for quite awhile now and I thought it was better if I finally bought one myself!  
So, this is the Collection highlight and sculpt contour kit and it is honestly amazing. The quality is so good, especially from a cheap drugstore brand. I find it so hard to find contouring products that actually work for me and my skin, the colours are always a bit too dark. I think contouring is great but some products just make your face look so unnatural. I do not know if this Collection contour kit works with every skin colour as they only brought out one variation but it works perfect for me. My skin colour is extremely fair and this brown contour colour looks very natural on my skin as it is a very light brown but still pigmented enough. The highlight does not look very shiny at all in the package but once it is applied on your face it gives a gorgeous glowy effect whilst still looking natural. 
There is not a lot to say about the packaging, it is very basic and simple but that is probably why it is only £4.19. After all, it is all about the quality of the product!
I find it very easy to use, even without any contour skills and I only need a tiny bit of product everyday so this will last me a long time.
So if you are just starting out with contouring or if you do not have the money for a Kat von D contour palette or if you have very fair skin like me or if I do not even have to tell you a reason to buy this product.. (running out of breath), I highly recommend this! 
I already love the collection concealer a lot but they surprised me even more with this contour kit!

I just wanted to say that I am so grateful for this little space here where I can share my thoughts and feelings with others in the hope that someone is listening. I love it when I discover an amazing beauty product or if I have a new outfit and I am able to share it on my blog. Thank you ♡

Saturday, 18 June 2016

How to get cheap Nars make up

YES! You read that title right! 
Nars is a brand loved among many of us, but can just be a little bit too expensive sometimes. So if you are on a budget like me but you love Nars' products, this tip might help you out!
In the UK, the store TKmaxx sells loads of products from different brands and since this is mostly from an old collection, they can somehow sell it for a cheaper price.
Every time I go in there to check out new make up they have in, it is always extremely messy; open and destroyed packages, products that have already been tested in the store by other people etc. Also, every store has got different products and once they are gone, they are gone. 
What I recently discovered is that they sometimes have Nars products available on their website. I have only once seen this eyeshadow in store and it was half broken so I do not recommend going there to search for it but definitely go onto the TKmaxx website and search for Nars make up! There is mostly only one product available and low in stock as well so I recommend checking regularly. When you order it online it will arrive perfect with no damaging! (as it should be)
It is most of the time a new eyeshadow duo but I have seen lipsticks as well.
Normally the eyeshadow duo's from Nars are £25 and I only paid £9.99! Even though it is not the newest collection, it saves you a lot of money.
I have the duo 'Demon Lover' which are two beautiful colours that can be worn together or apart. The left colour is a beautiful blue with a shiny finish. The right one is a dark purple and is more of a matte colour and is perfect for using in the crease!
The quality of these eyeshadows is excellent, especially for the price I paid. I love how the colours of all the Nars duo's are so well selected that they look gorgeous together!
I know that TKmaxx currently sells a Nars lip gloss set and an eyeshadow palette for those of you who are interested! 


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