Friday, 13 October 2017

Must Have Autumn Jumpers

This week I finally got the first jumper out the wardrobe for this year and I couldn't be more excited! I absolutely love autumn, it is my favourite season of the year because of the many cozy reasons. (unfortunately student halls don't have baths so no pumpkin bath bomb for me this year) Although I will still wear last year's jumpers, it is nice to add a few new ones to the collection since there is so much choice out there. I personally love to see these collages because it just saves so much time looking through each website. It is like someone else does the work for you and picks out the cutest items available! I also think it is good to see someone else's favourites the you wouldn't have spotted yourself or just to get some inspiration.

This is just a list of must-have autumn jumpers for this year that I have seen in some of my favourite stores! I wish I could buy all of these but number 1 is definitely going to be in my wardrobe soon! 

LOVE, Marlinde x

1. Forest green turtleneck - MANGO 
2. Cream cropped - TOPSHOP
3. Pink roll neck - RIVER ISLAND 
4. Grey simple long sleeve - ONLY
5. Laddered oversized - FRENCH CONNECTION
6. Grey with tiger - FRENCH CONNECTION
7. Navy striped - MANGO
8. Light pink - TED BAKER


Sunday, 24 September 2017

First Week In Halls

A whole week in London! and basically living of jaffa cakes. 

I haven't actually started my course yet so this first week was just more about exploring the city and getting to know everyone in the halls of residence at Uni. My mum and sister drove up with me to London last Sunday to move all of my stuff in my room. (2 boxes full of make up because I am only supposed to take the necessities) 
It was so strange when they left, it did not feel like I was moving out because I was just so excited to meet everyone! I am so glad that everyone in my flat is really nice and we all get along well, that could have been so different. I briefly met the people on my course as well and some of us went out for pizza together after the induction, everyone I met so far seems great and it has all been so positive. I was lucky to get a transfer to Oxford Street for my part-time job and I start next week!

Although my first week in halls has been going exactly the way I was hoping for, it has been so hard at the same time. After I had lunch with two of my friends from home I had a little breakdown. It was just the thought of everyone being home together, they were both leaving together and I was still here, by myself. It also was a combination of being on the phone to my mum at the same time and the thought of not being on a short holiday but actually staying, living in London. I am sure every new student that moved out has had this feeling but it is just something that no one tells you before you go Uni, the teachers will only talk about the course and studying but not about how you will feel and how the massive changes will influence you. 

I know these moments will happen once in a while and that is completely fine and normal, but I don't want to share how amazing it has been when in reality it didn't feel like that all the time. I have heard that London can get lonely sometimes and I guess I will see for myself, as long as I will keep busy I am sure it will be great!

The cooking and washing is going alright so far, (haven't done any washing yet) I had a lot of risotto but also some salads since going to the gym is really not for me oops. It will be more difficult the longer I'm here to think of something different to make for dinner so hopefully Pinterest and my mum will be my survival team once again. 

It is so exciting and scary at the same time! I have been visiting different parts of London every day and there are sooo many good places that I never would have seen if I  didn't live here now, I also know there will be many more so hopefully after a few months I can do a complete guide to London!

Marlinde x


Monday, 18 September 2017

10 Quotes To Live By

I honestly spend too much of my time on Pinterest adding quotes to my boards just because I find them so inspiring. I always go back and look through them when I am demotivated or just not feeling my best and it is just a little reminder of what you're worth and what's important in life. Maybe some people find it unnecessary but I actually think it is good to live by some quotes, or standards. Just to help remind yourself what you think is important and what mindset you want to take on. 

Now I apologise in advance for not including all the ''live, laugh,love'' ones but here are some quotes to live by that I personally find so important and that you don't see on all the home signs everywhere.

1. ''If there's even a slight chance of getting something that will make you happy, risk it. Life is too short and happiness is too rare.''

2. ''Whoever brings you the most peace should get the most time''

3. ''Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn't give you credit''

4. ''Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it'

5. ''Seek what sets your soul on fire''

6. ''Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first''

7. ''Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most''

8. ''Don't assume a door is closed, push on it''

9. ''Sometimes you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn't jump puddles for you''

10. ''Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice''

There are so many more and it is difficult to choose but these are my top 10 at the moment! These quotes are so important to me, I want to be hardworking, kind and happy , and you should too! However most of all I think it is important to love yourself first, always. As much as you should be there for others, It is okay to choose yourself. There are some books I have read recently that were so inspiring and motivating as well, the main one being ''How to be a Bawse'' by the gorgeous Lilly Singh.
You can always follow my boards on Pinterest for more inspiration!

Love, Marlinde x


Sunday, 10 September 2017

Blush Pink Coat

AAAH you have no idea how much I wanted a pink coat and now I finally got one! I have been looking everywhere for the perfect one and then I came across this blush pink coat and I absolutely loved it! It was not expensive at all either! It is not extremely thick so it is perfect to wear in the upcoming autumn months!
The skirt I am wearing is from Boohoo, (linked below) and it is just such a good skirt to have since it can be worn during all seasons and it goes with pretty much every top I have! I love how simple the top is with the eyelashes, it was only £5! 
The bag is such a classic model by Ted Baker, I love how it looks so chic with this outfit!
I really have been holding myself back to not spend all my money on handbags because I have seen sooo many amazing ones lately! The shoes are more simple to leave the focus on the coat and handbag, the colour matches the coat perfectly! I wasn't ready to put on those tights yet but couldn't wait to show this outfit! 

Coat - Stradivarius
♡ Top - Stradivarius
♡ Skirt - Boohoo
♡ Shoes - Schuh
♡ Handbag - Ted Baker (On sale now!)

Love, Marlinde x


Sunday, 27 August 2017

Starting University

A new chapter in my life, University.

So first of all, I GOT ACCEPTED! woohoo! I didn't sleep all night before the results came out because I was so incredibly nervous but I received good grades and now my place at London College of Fashion is confirmed!

My course starts at the end of September and mid-September I am officially moving to London. I will be living in the Uni halls of residence which I am so pleased about, maybe in the second year I can rent something myself but to be with like-minded people and having a whole community within the halls is perfect for the first year. 
The course I will be studying is MSc Strategic Fashion Management (another 5 years oh yes here we go again) and I am so glad that I will be able to study something I am so passionate about. Hopefully I can get a transfer for my current job to one of the stores in London but if not I will find a new part-time job because with Oxford street right around the corner, there is nothing stopping me but my bank balance.

Whilst I am super excited to move to such a beautiful big city, I am also scared and nervous about moving out. I have always only lived in small towns where I knew everything and everyone so this is going to be another massive change for me. At the moment I am having mixed feelings about this change. A few months ago my stepdad passed away and thinking about moving out it just feels as if I will be leaving my mom and sister behind. I know they will be fine without me but we have always been so strong together so not seeing them everyday will be the most difficult part. Even the part where I will be all by myself in a city I don't know, with people I don't know, does not bother me as much. I think this is mainly because I know that moving to England has already made this step easier for me. 

I think it is so good to always push yourself into doing new things and I know my examples have both been moving somewhere new but even if it is something less extreme such as reading different books, learning a new language, joining a new gym, (look at me promoting the gym when I have not been once in my life) changing jobs, meeting new people, discovering a new hobby, ANYTHING that will get you out of your comfort zone even if it is just a tiny step!

I know this will be so worth it in the end. It's just going to be so different (cooking myself) but an amazing opportunity at the same time. I will try my hardest to combine studying and blogging, I know other people do it so it must be possible. I will now have the perfect locations for all my ''lookbook'' posts! 

Most of all I am so so happy with my place at this University and I can't wait to start, there will hopefully be some ''diy'' room decorations coming up once I have moved out. Only how am I meant to ''pinterest'' decorate my room when I'm not allowed any fairy lights I mean?!

I would love to know your thoughts or tips on going Uni and what it is you are doing right now! Whether you are finished, just starting like me, working, apprenticeship, anything, let me know!!

Marlinde x


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Black Skirt In Summer

Can you even tell it's still summer from those pale legs?! A whole holiday of tanning and this is the final result everyone, welcome to my life. Back to Bondi Sands starts tomorrow.

The black (faux) leather skirt is always seen as an autumn/winter staple piece, and I can totally see why. However, it can also be used to make a summer outfit and create a more stylish look. Instead of wearing this casual baggy T-shirt with some denim jeans I thought I'd switch it up and wear my black skirt from Zara. I love this combination because it is just a little less casual but still not overdone. The fringy bag adds so much to the outfit and makes it a lot more interesting. I am also wearing my favourite boot heels that are so much more comfortable than you would expect!

I know that black leather skirt will often be at the back of your wardrobe until autumn comes around but if you pair it with the right items you can definitely start wearing it now!

♡ T-shirt - Pull and Bear
♡ Skirt - Zara (similar here)
♡ Shoes - Invito (similar here, and here)
♡ Bag - Peacocks
♡ Sunnies - Primark
♡ Pearl choker - Primark

Marlinde x


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

What's In My Make-Up Travel Bag

After seeing so many what's in my bag posts and videos, I thought I would do one myself since I always find them so interesting. However, I looked in my handbag and it is just full of old receipts of my Tesco meal deals really. So instead I will show you what's in my make-up travel bag! Far more interesting hopefully, unless you were more interested in the meal deals. (in that case, normally the chicken/bacon wraps or pesto pasta salad with the green innocent smoothie, snack varies every time)

I got this gorgeous TED BAKER make up bag in the summer sale just before I went on holiday and I love it so much! It is the perfect size although no matter what size make up bag I take with me, it will always be filled to the top.

I have gone through so many of these bottles, it is such a good value for money foundation and for my summer holidays I used the shade Golden Ivory.

This one I bought because there was a special deal going on for L'oreal at the time but I use it every day now! It sets my foundation well and unlike the Rimmel London powder, which is one of my all-time favourites, this just gives a little bit extra coverage.

I have had this blush stick for a long time now and there is still so much product left, if you want a blush that is value for money then go for one of these because it will last you forever! The rest of the year I always go for powder blushes since I just prefer the texture, but for the summer I love this one. It is in the shade 02 Robust Rhubarb.

One of my favourite concealers along with the Collection one, it is so moisturising and all my dark circles are gone when I use this. It is a bit more expensive than I would usually pay for a concealer but it does last a very long time and the results are so worth it.

The lipstick that has to be in my make up trade bag is MAC in the shade 'honeylove', a light nude colour that is so easy to wear with any make up look. It is so hard not to fill up the whole bag with lipsticks but I think this one is a good choice if you can only take one.

I have to take this with me everywhere and I have not found a better eyebrow product yet so if you have used this and came across an even better product please let me know! I am currently using the shade 'taupe' which is a bit too light for me so I will go for a darker shade next time.

It is always a tough choice to decide which eyeshadow palette to take with you. I love my Too Faced peanut butter and jelly palette but I use that one a lot so i forced myself to give this Maybelline one a try and I actually really enjoyed using it! There are so many different looks to create with this palette.

I never go for the full sized mascaras when it comes to benefit since I love all their mascaras and I like to switch it up and use different ones. I just finished my 'roller lash' mascara so I am currently using 'they're real' and I can't decide which one is my favourite, they both do amazing jobs and the size is perfect for travelling.

Although the benefit 'Hello Flawless' is meant to be a powder to cover up blemishes, I use it as a bronzer in the shade 'hazelnut' which would normally be way too dark for me but it is perfect as a bronzer!

I would love to know what's in your make up travel bag!

Love, Marlinde xo


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Paris For The First Time

Ooh la la, someone fell in love with Paris.
You know those crazy stories about people marrying buildings instead of other people, it doesn't sound that crazy anymore and I would say ''I do'' to Paris anytime. 

My best friend and I just got back from our Paris city trip and it was both our first time of being there! I had been to Disneyland many times but I think I would have been too young then to appreciate the city itself. 

I know Parisians are not the biggest fan of the Eiffel tower but I honestly can't see why, it was such a magical movie moment. I even pretended that my bus was leaving when standing on the Eiffel tower and that there would be a ticket to Monte Carlo showing up any time. (this didn't happen unfortunately, how weird.)

We found an airbnb not far from the city centre, it was about 10 minutes with the underground and our host was so lovely and welcoming. We stayed there for 3 nights since we arrived late on the first day and we did want three full days to spend in the city. It was definitely one of our best decisions to go with an airbnb because we saved so much money which we could spend on dinner every night! (and the €17 macarons that I had to have ofcourse, oh the Paris cliché)

My own very Audrey moment on the Champs-Élysées, the only thing missing was a croissant in my hands but standing there it felt like I was starring in Breakfast at Tiffany's. (oh please you would have done the same!)
Also, is it just me or do all Paris street signs point in different directions?! It felt like we were send a different way each time on purpose!

The view from the Arc de Triomphe was even better than the view from the Eiffel tower! Yes, many many steps each time but both was so worth it! Also, we knew there was an elevator but after all that food we thought the steps would be better... yeah wrong choice. 
Looking out on the Champs-Élysées and seeing Paris from above was so beautiful! It was very cloudy on the days that we were there but even still the view was so worth it.

Finally went to see my girl Mona at the Louvre, SO MUCH SMALLER THAN I EXPECTED. Everyone was gathered around her, I understand that it is one of the world's most famous work of arts but honestly I think all the other paintings in that museum deserve just as much attention. I genuinely felt bad for the other paintings in the same room as her, they must have felt like the ugly friend since everyone is only interested in the Mona Lisa.

Paris has been an absolute amazing experience, I can't wait to go back because honestly i did not want to leave, there were so many more things I wanted to do and so much more I wanted to see, but that will all be saved for the next time. So glad I got to do this with my best friend, onto our next adventure! (probably Paris again)

Love, Marlinde xo

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Casual Summer City Style

This summer has more been like a warm two weeks in June and the start of autumn in August already but I am glad I at least got to wear this outfit once in July! It is very simple and effortless but perfect for a summer day walking around in your favourite city. 

The sunglasses that I have paired with this outfit are from Quay, they do the best sunglasses in all shapes and colours, mine were in the sale when I bought them so they were only £15 now when normally their sunglasses are around £40. I am so happy with this pair, they go with everything and I have worn them almost every day!


These amazing shorts are from Nasty Gal and I have received so many compliments on them! The ties on the sides can be loose or tight depending on what you prefer, (and what underwear you're wearing) so you can make them fit your body perfectly! They are high waisted and so easy to wear! I love wearing these over my swimsuits as well with the ties a bit loose. 

It is all very budget-friendly as well, the shoes were the most expensive and they were only £20! I actually bought these shoes for the autumn time but I could not wait to wear them so I thought why not bring the burgundy colours out already.

Top - ZARA
Shorts - Nasty Gal
Sunglasses - Quay Australia (similar)
Shoes - Schuh

Love, Marlinde x

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Chanel Espadrilles Lookalikes

If you are like me and sobbed over the fact that your favourite summer espadrilles are waaaaay out of your budget, I got you covered. Ever since I saw the beautiful Chanel espadrilles on Amber Fillerup's instagram I have been dreaming about them. Unfortunately, owning anything Chanel will stay a dream for me at the moment so that is why I started my search for the perfect dupes/lookalikes! 

I came across these ones from ASOS and they were only £12! This is just a fraction of the price compared to the Chanel ones and obviously they are not the same in terms of branding and quality but can you really complain for that price? I didn't think so either. 

I ordered them straight away and I must say that you will need to walk them in a few times before they get comfortable. However, I think they are the perfect summer wardrobe addition and I will definitely recommend having a look if you had your eye on the Chanel ones! Even if it is just to try out the style and colours to see if you would wear them often if you were to make the big purchase. 

Love, Marlinde x


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

5 Reasons To Go On A Girls Holiday

I wish I could say ''Glad to be back in England'' but honestly I feel a bit homesick for Magaluf. I never really thought I was the kind of girl who would go on a party holiday but this has been one of the best experiences of my life so far!

We booked 2 rooms for the 8 of us to stay in the Universal Florida hotel for 4 nights. At first I thought 4 nights/5 days would be too short but actually it was the perfect amount since everyone got a bit ill on the last day. Since we went out every single night it was very exhausting (I even missed breakfast two days in a row what?!) so for that reason going for a week would be good so everyone can have some rest as well in between. 

I was so happy with the fact that we had all inclusive, it was just so much easier to not worry about money every time you wanted a drink or some food. Although I did notice that the staff gave priority to the guests who had to pay for everything, they got served first, better drinks, more alcohol etc etc. 
I could talk for ages about going out every night because we did so many different things such as a boat party, bar crawl and really good deals to get in all the clubs but the highlight of the holiday was just being with these amazing girls! (and the food)

I will not go into too much detail because this post would be way too long but I just wanted to share the reasons on why you should go on a girls holiday:

1. Becoming even closer with your friends; it takes some organisation and planning to go on a holiday, especially with a big group and you have no one else to rely on but each other. Also, you get to see different sides of people when you literally spend 24 hours a day with them and everyone will be more themselves than ever. 

2. Spend days talking about anything and everything; it is basically a really long sleepover and who is not up for that?!

3. Challenge yourself; going on holiday with a big group is a challenge, arguments will happen and I think it is a good experience to learn how to work together but also how you can be and react in these situations. 

4. Celebrate! I think this is such a good reason to go on any holiday really, I was personally going through a tough time and spending a week abroad in a hot country with my best friends was exactly what I needed to relax, have a good time and just live in the moment.

5. MEMORIES; I can't believe it is the end of my high school experience here with these girls but this holiday will stay with me forever! It is all about the memories you make and when you look back in years time, you will be glad that you did it! I know I will.

I can't recommend doing this enough, it was honestly the best experience and I hope all my friends want to go again next year!

Marlinde x

p.s thank you for an amazing time girls, onto our next adventure
p.p.s shoutout to the Leeds boys C

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