Sunday, 10 September 2017

Blush Pink Coat

AAAH you have no idea how much I wanted a pink coat and now I finally got one! I have been looking everywhere for the perfect one and then I came across this blush pink coat and I absolutely loved it! It was not expensive at all either! It is not extremely thick so it is perfect to wear in the upcoming autumn months!
The skirt I am wearing is from Boohoo, (linked below) and it is just such a good skirt to have since it can be worn during all seasons and it goes with pretty much every top I have! I love how simple the top is with the eyelashes, it was only £5! 
The bag is such a classic model by Ted Baker, I love how it looks so chic with this outfit!
I really have been holding myself back to not spend all my money on handbags because I have seen sooo many amazing ones lately! The shoes are more simple to leave the focus on the coat and handbag, the colour matches the coat perfectly! I wasn't ready to put on those tights yet but couldn't wait to show this outfit! 

Coat - Stradivarius
♡ Top - Stradivarius
♡ Skirt - Boohoo
♡ Shoes - Schuh
♡ Handbag - Ted Baker (On sale now!)

Love, Marlinde x


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