Fall Outfit | Black And White Floral Skirt

The leaves are finally changing colours, yay! 

I have waited the whole year for this and I am so excited, everything looks beautiful outside now! Until it starts raining every single day but never mind. 

Skirts are one of my favourite things to wear!

Unfortunately, I will most of the time choose to wear a dress instead, just because it is easier and you do not really have to think about it. I love buying new skirts but they always end op staying in my closet because I can rarely find the right top to pair it with. 

I have a white crop top that I really like and when I wear my skirts, I most of time choose that one to wear it with. Wearing that same top over and over again with my skirts was getting a bit boring as I do not like to wear the same thing every time.

That is why this time, I decided to buy a top directly with the skirt. I think they look great together!

My top is from boohoo.com and when I saw the cut-outs at the shoulders, I fell immediately in love with it!

The material is very soft and it keeps you warm which is a must for me, as I probably am the most coldest person in this world. (not so sure about these cut-outs keeping me warm) 

My skirt is also from boohoo.com and I am actually a little bit disappointed in this one.

I love the print and I love that the skirt is also a bit thicker than regular ones but when it was washed for the first time, the material on the print started to come of and the black colour faded. The material on the print was very soft and you can still see it at some parts of the skirt but most of it is gone. It was not very expensive but I did not expect it to be ruined after washing it one time.

However, I love the look of this skirt and I definitely am going to try and search for another black and white printed one.

My heels are from Primark and the colour of them is amazing.

They are almost the same colour as my top and I think they totally complete the outfit.

The height of the heels is not too high so they are very easy to walk in.

I think these heels look amazing and I have never seen ones like these in Primark before.

I am very happy that I found them and I definitely recommend getting a pair when you see them!