Lipstick Clinique

Clinique is a brand I often reach for, but my grandparents surprised me with this gorgeous lipstick last week! I love red lip colours, they are the ones I wear the most so I loved the colour of this lipstick immediately! It is the High Impact Lip Colour in the shade 12; red-y to wear. The colour when wearing it is a tiny bit different than how you’ll see it when opening the packaging, but it’s absolutely beautiful! It moisturises my lips very well and it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing lipstick. This lipstick stays on for so long! I normally don’t believe those promises that products stay on that long but this one really does! Of course you will see difference after eating and drinking but it still looks beautiful! The colour stays very pigmented for a very long time. Also, lets talk about this packaging, isn’t it amazing?! I think it’s so cool and unique.

I can’t find any negative things to say about this lipstick, well done Clinique!

What’s your favourite red lipstick? I’m always looking out to try new ones!