Bows Blouse and Black Heels

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you have a great 2016!

One of my resolutions this year is posting more on my blog, I absolutely love to write on my blog but I just need to take the time for it more often. So let’s start with this one!

First of all, I am in love with these heels, I actually bought them for Christmas which you may have seen in my last post, but I thought they went perfectly with this outfit!

They are very very very high and definitely not for walking (at least not for me), but they are so beautiful and it is okay to wear heels like these when you just have to sit all day or if you can walk in these of course. *applause*

The heels are from New Look (in sale because another one of my resolutions is to save money) and the top and jeans are both from H&M.

This creamy coloured blouse has cute little black bows on it which I love! I think it is just more special than the regular blouses and it makes it less formal and a bit more fun.

I paired it with these jeans which are a little bit high waisted, so I could tuck the blouse half in.

I wouldn’t normally go for an outfit like this but once I tried it, I actually really liked it. It is good to try something else sometimes, it can turn out better than you think.

I am also wearing a new lipstick where you can expect a post about soon!