Lush Bubble Bar Pink Flamingo

I am starting to believe I have a tiny obsession with flamingos… I just love those pink animals so much. I wish I could keep one as a pet, that would be so cool! Imagine just walking to the kitchen and seeing your flamingo next to the fridge.
Tonight I took a warm bath with this cutie from Lush and it was lovely! 
This flamingo is a bubble bar, you hold it under the water until you find it pink and ”bubbly” enough. 
I love that you can use it several times and that it isn’t gone after just  one bath. 
There is a kind of orange soap inside the flamingo which comes out when you hold it under the sink and it smells so good! My skin still smells really fresh!
When I got out of the bath, my skin felt very soft because of this bubble bar.
It includes cocoa butter, which melts into your skin and leaves it softened and moisturised. I didn’t need to use any body lotion or cream afterwards, that is a huge plus for me since I don’t like to wait for it to dry, I just want to get into my pyjamas directly, well done Lush!