Pretty Pastel Nail Polishes | Barry M

If you have enough of the cold winter months and you want to be prepared and ready to jump into spring, you should definitely check out these pastel nail polishes from Barry M! Although I am not allowed to wear nail polish during work, I really wanted to have these because they are so pretty! I have got a purple,blue,cream and a pink colour. They are all very light and I think pastel colours are perfect for spring and summer, especially with a tan! (I never get a tan but anyway) 

These are from the ‘gelly’ collection and they stay on for a long time, longer than all those promising ”will last for 7 days” nail polishes. I had mine on for 5 days and then I had to take them off but they still looked good! There is really not a bad thing to say about these and Barry M is also not expensive at all so I recommend having a look at these beautiful colours if you get the chance!