Why statement necklaces are a must

I personally think that everyone should at least have one statement necklace, just to give a finishing touch to every outfit! If you are wearing a plain black shirt, then an outstanding necklace can really spice up your look without that much thinking and effort.
Statement necklaces are basically sold in every clothing store, but if you are that picky like me, it can be very difficult to find one you truly like and would feel comfortable wearing. Sometimes those necklaces can be a bit “too much”, even if that is the point with statement jewellery. I got this necklace from New Look and I really like it! It is not that extreme but it gives a lot more detail to a plain shirt or jumper. It was only £4 in the sale which I was very happy about because I think that some statement necklaces are way overpriced. Anyway, if you think that your outfits are a bit boring sometimes, you know what to do! 
Here are some of my favourite stores that have a great selection of statement necklaces:

❤︎  Boohoo
❤︎  Forever 21 
❤︎  Topshop
❤︎  Accessorize
❤︎  New Look