Argan Oil Of Morocco Dry Oil Spray

For all my frizzy friends out there, here is another product against frizzy hair! I heard a lot about the argan oil of morocco shampoo and conditioner but instead of buying those

I picked up this spray a couple of weeks ago and I am really impressed by it actually! My hair can be quite frizzy sometimes, so I thought I’d give this spray a try and see if it helps. I like the fact that it is a weightless dry oil so you don’t actually feel anything on your hair. On the bottle it says that it does not only help with ”fly-a-way frizzies”, but it also makes your hair shinier and reduces the appearance of split ends. I do think my hair looks shinier when I use this spray on my hair but I can’t say anything about the split ends yet. I mostly bought it because it would tame frizzy hair, which it absolutely does! I also find that my hair feels a lot softer when I use this.

I am definitely going to try more of the argan oil of morocco products.

If you struggle with frizzy hair as well, then I recommend checking out this dry oil spray!

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