Collection Moisturising Lip Butter

Recently I bought these lip butters from Collection and I must say that I have two different opinions on these two colours. The left one is called ”Perfect Plum” and I absolutely love that colour and the formula, it is very moisturising and also gives a lot of colour at the same time. I have worn it almost every day since I bought it! The right one is called ”Cappuccino”. I normally don’t like anything that has to do with coffee (but I’m trying), so maybe I should have known better when I chose to buy this product because I am very disappointed. I bought the other Collection lip butter first and because I was so impressed with it, I bought another lip butter but the “Cappuccino” version gives no colour at all and feels less moisturising than the ”Perfect Plum”. There are two other colours of these lip butters but I haven’t tried those because I did not want another disappointing colour. 
These Collection lip butters are only three pound each which is cheaper than similar ones from Bourjois and Revlon but if you choose the ”Cappuccino” colour than even three pounds are not worth it. 
I do however highly recommend the darker colour if you want a pretty (and cheap) lip butter!