Peanut butter and jelly eyeshadow palette | Too Faced

I am SO EXCITED to share that I finally received my order from Too Faced! (AAAAH)

When I heard about this peanut butter and jelly eyeshadow palette I knew it was destined to be mine. Unfortunately, Too Faced products are a bit hard to get hold of in the UK. At Debenhams there is a tiny selection of their products but not all of it. Too Faced does ship to the UK but normally the shipping costs are more expensive than the actual product. I was lucky to see that they did a special offer where they would do free international shipping for a few days, I only had to pay £9 extra for duties and taxes and I thought that was worth it. It took around three weeks to arrive which was really long considering I was hoping for it to arrive in a week, but that is just me being extremely inpatient.

Those weeks have absolutely been worth the wait since this peanut butter and jelly palette is so beautiful! I really don’t have a bad thing to say about it.

First of all, look at that packaging! That is definitely the cutest eyeshadow palette I have ever seen. I love how Too Faced always goes all out with their packaging, and the inside is just as good! 

There are three matte colours and nine shimmery colours. My favourite’s so far are: Peanut Brittle, Peanut butter cup and Bananas. I also think ‘Jelly’ is a beautiful colour but I don’t know if I am daring enough to wear that one.

The colour ‘Extra Creamy’ is perfect to use just under the eyebrow as a highlighter, it is not shimmery but a matte white colour and I actually love that because I think sometimes it can all become a bit too much with a highlighter that is very shimmery. 

All the colours are highly pigmented and last all day! I was so impressed when I put my eyeshadow on at eight o’clock in the morning and it still looked great when I got back at ten o’clock in the evening without using an eye primer. I only used the Benefit POREfessional for my face and apparently that was enough.

This beautiful peanut butter and jelly palette is unfortunately sold out on the Too Faced website, however I saw some people selling it on eBay, it may cost a bit more than it originally did but that is because this palette is limited edition. It is definitely worth having a look!