Spring Outfit | Grey dress and pink shoes

I promised to do an outfit post with the pink shoes so here it is! 

♡ Dress : Asos

♡ Denim Blouse : H&M

♡ Shoes : Boohoo

♡ Necklace : Primark

♡ Flower Headband : Primark

I love this outfit a lot and the weather is finally warm enough in the UK to wear this. It feels as if this was the longest winter ever since we are already in May and the sun has just been out for the past week. Anyway, it is finally the time for bare legs! (extremely white bare legs that need a tan) This grey dress is from Asos and has been in my saved items for a long time but I just never ordered it until it was in the sale. This time it turned out to be a good decision to wait but normally they just ran out of my size and I regret that I did not order sooner. 

 I think the grey goes really well with the pink and I love the detail on the sleeves. It is a very casual outfit but I think adding the necklace and the flower headband makes it a bit more cute. I love shopping for accessories in Primark because they just have so many to choose from, and because this necklace was only 50p. Wearing this flannel around the waist makes the outfit complete but is also good to have when it is getting a bit colder in the evening because then you can just wear it as normal. 

I have worn these shoes around four times now and the first two were incredibly painful, not gonna lie, blisters literally everywhere. But even after that experience, I decided to wear them again! Silly me. I just did not want them to be hidden in my closet because they were so painful, which is actually a normal thing to do but not for me. Now they feel a bit better because the material is getting a bit ‘softer’. It is just a case of wearing them more often. By the way, if you are wondering what I have got on my arm, I burned myself while making a pie. (oops)

Anyway, I will be wearing this outfit a lot during spring and summer! 

p.s is anyone else afraid to actually take polaroids?! I mean you only have a few and what if they don’t turn out okay?!