Blue buttoned skirt | Summer outfit without summer

These photos were taken on one of the few sunny days here in the UK and I have not worn this outfit ever since but because it is the beginning of July now, I have got my hopes up high for some summer weather! 

Let’s start with the light blue skirt from Forever 21. This is from Forever 21’s ‘contemporary’ range and it was a bit more expensive than most of their products but the quality is also better than normal. I absolutely love these buttoned skirts and I would love to have a whole collection of different colours one day! I thought that this baby blue was perfect for summer. They also sold it in pink but because I always tend to go for pink when there is a choice, I decided to go for blue this time, just for a change. The length of the skirt is perfect because it is not too long and it is not too short either. I think skirts are allowed to be a bit short sometimes but it still has to be appropriate. The skirt is made of a sort suede material (definitely fake), it feels a lot stronger than most Forever 21 items. I have bought a lot of dresses from there in the past and they just seem to get shorter and shorter every time they come out of the washing machine. I think this skirt is a great piece in my wardrobe and maybe I will go back and buy the pink one as well. (and the black one, and the brown one…)

Moving onto the top that I am wearing, this is a cream coloured bodysuit from Boohoo. I had been looking for a bodysuit like this one for awhile now and I am so glad I finally found it! I love that it is really oversized and I think it creates a perfect combination with my skirt. I also love wearing this top with my high waisted black Joni jeans from Topshop. 

For my shoes, I am just wearing my plain white all stars because I just think they go with literally every single outfit and I was not planning on wearing heels with this outfit. I bought mine from Tower London because they were a lot cheaper with my student discount. Just like the rest of my family, I am so surprised by how white these shoes still are even though they belong to the clumsiest girl in the world. 

As you can read in my ‘why statement necklaces are a must’, I think a pretty necklace can really spice up any outfit which was exactly what it did with this one. The necklace I am wearing here is from Primark and it was only £4 but it just gives so much more detail to this outfit. I love how the colours go so well with the skirt. I recommend not spending too much money on statement necklaces as it is not an ‘everyday item’ and it is just good to  have different ones for different outfits. 

I will definitely pack this outfit when I visit Italy this summer! SO excited! 

Love, Marlinde