Day-to-Night outfit | Summer Edition

Since my summer outfit alone was not that interesting, I decided to do a day-to-night outfit post. The evenings in summer are mostly still pretty warm and there is no need to put on a thick coat but I still find that it cools down enough in order to wear something extra. Also when going to a party at night, everyone wants to dress up a bit more and probably wear something different than during the day which is why I looked for simple changes to my outfit in order to make it ready for a night out.

For my outfit to wear during the day, I went for a simple striped bodysuit from Asos and I paired it with these adorable shorts which are also from Asos. I had these shorts in my ‘saved items’ for about two months until they finally were back in stock in my size! The shorts are in this light creamy colour which I find ideal for the summer time as almost every top I have gives the shorts another look and makes it a completely different outfit. I love the bow at the top of the shorts, I think it adds a lot more detail to it and I don’t know if I would like them so much without it. (I have to admit that my ‘creating a bow’ skills are not at its best and I will have to work on that, my apologies.) 

For shoes, I had to wear my new Kurt Geiger sandals which I absolutely love! I think sandals and a bikini are the two hardest items for the summer time to choose as there is too much choice but I think I managed both parts. These sandals are in a tan colour with beautiful gold detailing. The gold detailing is maybe a bit difficult to see in the picture but I posted the sandals on my Instagram too which is ‘xmarlindeee’

To change it up a little bit for the night time, I threw on my black blazer from Forever 21. This is a very casual blazer and it feels comfortable because of the soft material, it is not like the ‘standard’ blazers which is why I love wearing this one. It is also a bit longer and I thought that went really well with this outfit! To stay with the black details, I chose to wear my high black heels from New Look and at first I was not sure how it would look with shorts but I really like the way it turned out. The change from flats to heels is maybe a big step but just remember the quote from Monte Carlo ‘if they ain’t hurting, they ain’t helping’. I love the the change from casual to party ready with just a few simple changes and I will be wearing these two outfits a lot this summer! 

Love, Marlinde x