Lancôme Grandiôse Eyeliner

Finally I purchased an eyeliner that I am genuinely happy and satisfied with! I recently bought the new Lancôme Grandiôse eyeliner which has just come out. The Grandiôse mascara was already a success and now they have added the eyeliner to the range. I am in love with the concept of this liner which is basically a top that can bend to the side as you can see in the picture. It is not a flexible top but it clicks to the side so it does not move when applying. It is so easy to get into the inner corner of the eye! I am definitely not the best when it comes to creating the perfect winged eyeliner but I have seen so much improvement these last days since I used this! The tip of the applicator is really thin which I absolutely love because it is so precise and you can decide whether to go for a settle or bold look!
I do recommend to shake before use because I did not do this and I freaked out when I used it the second time and the tip was all dried out. (but I think that is just me)
This eyeliner is a little bit on the pricy side as it is £23,00. However, the quality is really amazing and if you use eyeliner everyday I think it is worth investing in a good one. Also, the packaging is just gorgeous. The little black rose inside the applicator and the whole glass to black ombre effect is beautiful. 
I do not know how long this eyeliner lasts as it also depends on how often and how much product you use. I now use this Lancôme Grandiôse Eyeliner every single day but I am hoping it will still last a long time! If not then I will replace it immediately I think. 
My eyeliner will never be as precise and sharp as Adele’s but I think I am getting closer now!
Let me know what is your must-have eyeliner and if you have tried this one yet!

Love, Marlinde x