Italy ’16

Italy, you are beautiful.

This summer my boyfriend and I went on holiday together to Italy. We went camping in a tent which was actually meant for 6 people but with my huge suitcase, we needed all the space we had. Luckily, I did not need any warmer clothes I packed because it was 30 degrees outside every day so just a bikini would have been enough for these days. 

First we stayed on a camping at Lago Maggiore, a beautiful lake in the upper part of Italy. 

Arona is a small town within 5 minutes from our camping, one evening we went out for dinner there. The name of the restaurant was Marconi beach and it was such a nice place to sit and eat some pasta, the restaurant was on a kind of platform just above the water so whilst we were having dinner, swans were swimming around us.

Another town we drove to was Stresa. Actually, the drive to Stresa was almost more impressive than the town itself. The town was beautiful and a bit bigger than Arona which I liked since there was more to see. The reason why driving there was so impressive was because of every enormous villa next to the road, they looked like small castles and I haven’t stopped dreaming about having one for my own one day.

After five days we went to our second camping which was really close to Venice. since it was a 4,5 hour drive from the first camping to the second, we made a stop in Verona along the way. I love the buildings in both Verona and Venice because of all the beautiful and small details they have, I think it is amazing how much effort people used to put in creating the most precise paintings on ceilings. Sometimes I wish that still the same amount of effort would being put into new buildings to make them look similar. 

I have visited Venice before when I was little but that was when I was more focused on the ice cream choices than the beautiful view and surroundings. (this still happens sometimes)

When I made my bucket list room decoration, I put ‘ride a gondola’ on there which can now be taken off! Riding a gondola for half an hour is pretty expensive but SO worth it! It is a really romantic and amazing experience and definitely something that everyone needs to do in their life. Before visiting Venice, you really need to say to yourself not to worry about how much everything is going to cost because if you do, you will have less of a great time. For just a Fanta they will ask around 5 euros which is insane but they can because everyone needs to drink, especially in those weather conditions. My boyfriend and I just decided that we would not worry too much about money and just enjoy ourselves! Also, do not leave before it is dark because San Marco at night is even prettier than during the day because the buildings and lanterns all light up the place and you never want to leave.

I really needed a break and this holiday was so relaxed and I enjoyed it a lot! I wish I could go back and eat more Italian ice cream and go to the beach there for a couple more days (or weeks). We are back in Holland now and the weather here is more like autumn than summer and I hope that when I go to England again, the sun is waiting for me.

Even though I never wanted my holiday to end, I also cannot wait to go back to blogging again! I have soooo many ideas for my blog and different posts that I cannot wait to get started on so stay tuned for that! 

Love, Marlinde x

Dress with flowers: TOPSHOP

White lace dress: ASOS