Kiko Milano Haul

So since I was in Italy this summer and KIKO is an Italian cosmetics brand, there were more shops there than there are in the UK and I may have taken some advantage of that…

I absolutely adore KIKO as a brand because they offer really good quality products for the normal ‘highstreet/drugstore’ prices and who doesn’t want that?! Also, their stores already look like you are going to spend all your money when in reality everything turns out to be much cheaper than expected! 

A couple of weeks ago I saw they had a sale going on and I went to have a look to see if there was anything left from the ‘Rebel Romantic’ collection, which there was! I picked up two blushes (03 and 04) from the beautiful collection. When I first opened them the texture looked a bit powdery but once I used them they turn out to be really creamy which I personally prefer during summer. I am loving the shade 03 at the moment as it is a lighter pink and 04 is more of a wine colour which will be perfect in autumn.

I also bought a variety of different eyeshadows, the square eyeshadow is a beautiful coral colour and it is their wet and dry eyeshadow (219). I already find it very pigmented when using it dry but the pattern is so cute that I don’t want to ruin it! I actually regret that I didn’t buy more of these because I think it is so pretty, the packaging as well. The less pretty packaging eyeshadows are the little round ones with just a plastic lid. The colours are really pigmented as well although I am not sure if the gold one (102) really suits me. I have been using the other one (139) everyday on its own to have something on my eyelids but still a natural make up look.

So onto another type of eyeshadow that I bought (which is totally okay) is two of the eye tech look eyeshadow pens. I picked up the colours (117) which is a kind of champagne colour and the colour (104) which is a brown colour. They both have a shiny metallic finish to them and since they come in a pen form they are super easy to use and there are no brushes needed!

Finally I also purchased a nail polish in a vintage pink colour as it just looked really good with the dress that I was wearing at that moment. You always need to find an excuse to buy something, right? 

All of these products were actually on sale and everything together was only 25 euros! 

I have noticed that KIKO prices are slightly going up which is probably because they bring out a lot of new limited editions. However, it is still a really affordable brand that offers high quality products which is basically what everyone wants to see!

Love, Marlinde x