Summer Favourites

During my summer holiday I came across different beauty items that have helped my skin, body and hair to stay hydrated and I thought it would be a good idea to share them now!

Every day it was 30 degrees outside so I did not really want to use heavy moisturisers but just some fresh products such as the tropical ‘piñata colada’ range from the body shop. This is probably my new favourite summer smell now! I love the pineapple and coconut combination and it leaves your skin smelling fresh and fruity which is exactly what it should smell like in summer! I also used the vanilla body mist from the body shop a lot this summer and I highly recommend trying that one or one of their other body mists if you are looking for a new scent but do not want to spend too much money.

For my hair I have been using the Coco Loco spray which is really good to freshen up your a little bit. I especially enjoyed using it at the beach when my hair gets all tangled and is too salty from the water. It leaves a really lovely coconut scent to your hair whilst refreshing and moisturising it.

I had read so many positive reviews about Liz Earle skincare that I decided to pick up the ‘cleanse and polish’ cleanser just before I went on holiday and I can now see why sooo many people recommend this product, it is absolutely amazing and it even takes off my difficult mascaras! My skin instantly feels soft after using this product and I cannot understand why I never thought of buying this before. Obviously I am going to use this for the rest of the year but I just found out this summer that I love it so much. I want to try more skincare products of Liz Earle soon and I hope they are just as good! 

Last but not least, my polaroid camera! I have owned a polaroid camera for awhile now but I never wanted to use it in case the picture got ruined and I only had so many chances to take a good photo. This holiday I finally used it and there is just something about the fact that the picture comes out straight away that makes it extra special. (and it looks cute in every insta which is always a plus)

I hope everyone had a lovely summer and got the tan they wanted. Love, Marlinde x