DIY | Make your own bath salts

With autumn and all the cold rainy days just around the corner, nothing is more satisfying than a warm relaxing bath at night. I thought I would share this DIY that I have been working on and cannot stop making. These bath salts are SO easy to make and will not take up much of your time at all!

I wanted these bath salts to not only look really cute but also to smell good. I decided to create the following scents: lavender, rose, vanilla and cinnamon-orange. I think lavender is my favourite at the moment but they all smell sooo good!

For this DIY you will need the following:

♡  Epsom Salt

♡  Food colouring

♡  Essential/Fragrance oils 

♡  Mason Jars (Mine were 490 g)

♡  Mixing bowl + Spoons 

♡  Ribbons

First of all, you want to pour 400 g of Epsom salt into your mixing bowl, (or into the mason jar first if yours are smaller/larger to see how much you will need). Then take 1/4 teaspoon of the essential oil and mix it in with the salts. This was strong enough for me but you can always add more if you prefer it a bit stronger. After that take 4 tiny drops of food colouring and mix it in with the salts as well. I chose to use purple for lavender and a light pink for rose but you can choose any colour of course, or even a rainbow if you put the salts in different bowls and then put them all together in the mason jar!

The reason I used Epsom salt instead of sea salt is because it has so many extra benefits; it helps against aching muscles, is really good for stress relief, colds, helps to relax and it improves sleep and concentration. So, there is every reason to take a bath with these salts! You can buy Epsom salt online very easily but also in stores such as Boots, some supermarkets and pharmacies. I bought 1kg for £4,99 and I filled two whole Mason Jars with it so I think it is definitely worth it! 

Finally, the best part of this DIY is decorating! Grab all the ribbons and little cards/stickers you can find and I promise it will make the Mason Jars instantly look 10 times better! I even put a small cinnamon stick in one of my jars. It was so easy to make this but I love how they turned out. These bath salts will also be a great gift idea for friends and family, everyone loves a good bath!

Love, Marlinde x