Formal but Fashionable

Since my school decided to make every Friday a “formal wear day” this year, I had a perfect excuse to purchase new clothes. (if not I would have found an excuse anyway)

Not that I couldn’t find anything appropriate in my closet for these days but I wanted something stylish yet still smart. I have put together two of my favourite outfits that I have worn on Fridays so far and I thought it would be a good idea to share them! Maybe this will give you some inspiration whether it is for work, school or job interviews. It is always good to have something ready when you go somewhere where converse and ripped jeans are out of the picture. I have decided to share these outfits in two different posts, starting off with this one.

ASOS is my go-to website at the moment, I must have hundreds of products in my ‘saved items’. I bought both my dress and my shoes from ASOS but they are from two different brands. The dress is from Warehouse and I think it is the perfect dress for a formal day. First of all, you can never go wrong with stripes and second, this dress is really well made which I love, it fits nicely around the waist, the stripes match from front to back (this is almost NEVER the case with ‘affordable’ clothing) and the length is perfect; not too long but not too short either. The colour looked a bit grey on the website but it is actually a light denim blue colour and looks beautiful with the small white detailed stripes in between. It has two pockets on each side which gives the dress that little bit extra. I think it will look cute with a small belt as well but I liked it just the way it was for this outfit.

Onto my shoes, I have had my eyes on these for SO long. These beauties from Kurt Geiger were in the sale so I couldn’t help myself. (again with the excuses)

I have never really been into loafers but lately I have learned to actually really like them and I am still looking out for a black pair. I am just extremely picky with these types of shoes because it is so hard to find a pair that I 100 percent love and that do not make me feel like a 70 year old yet.

Luckily I found this pair in a beautiful nude light pink colour with gold detail and two cute little tassels on each shoe. I must say that even whilst my feet were bleeding inside these shoes, I still looked at them and thought they were absolutely gorgeous. If that doesn’t say  enough then I don’t know what will.

Love, Marlinde x

P.S I always buy all of my tights from Primark, they are incredibly cheap but last me longer than some other brands!