10 Reasons to love autumn

Oh autumn, I have been waiting for you.

It is finally here! The time of the year where everything is pumpkin spice. And what’s not to like? This is the favourite season of most people and I cannot disagree. The change of colour by nature is so beautiful, that it would already be enough reason for this to be the best season but I made a list of 10 more reasons to love autumn (or fall) for people who are not looking forward to it because of rainy days and early evenings.

1. Fuzzy socks

Time to get cozy! no more sandals but time to look for those fuzzy socks! If I had to choose one item of clothing I could not live without it would be fuzzy socks, I have got a whole draw full of them in all different colours and patterns. They are so cheap to buy and keeps you warm when you walk around the house. I even wear them in my boots sometimes. The end of the year is the most cosiest time and these are definitely a part of that!

2. Hot drinks

Also part of the cozy time, hot drinks! Time to swap those mojito’s for hot chocolate and tea. (and maybe even a pumpkin spice latte, or is that too much? I think no) A perfect night in autumn is not complete without a good cup of tea. It helps to relax as well, just like all of these reasons do.

3. Books

Although the summer holiday is a perfect time to read books, there is just something about reading in autumn when it is dark outside that makes in extra special. I have a long list of books I want to read this autumn/winter and I just feel like I take more time to read in these last months of the year than I do normally. My number one book I would recommend to anyone is ‘Let it snow’ by some of the top writers out there, it is a combination of stories that form the perfect book to read on cold rainy (or snowy) days.

4. More blog posts

I don’t know what it is but all bloggers seem to be the most active around autumn. I personally am more inspired to blog during autumn and winter than I am in spring and summer. This is mainly because in summer there are so many things to do and all involves being outside in the sun and enjoying the hot weather. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging all year round but when it is 25 degrees you will find me on the beach instead of online. People tend to stay in a lot more during autumn and winter which means it is the perfect time to grab a laptop, some coffee and to write tons of blog posts. 

5. Closer to Christmas

YES. If this is not enough reason to love autumn than I don’t know what is. Now I moved to England, I already see stores decorating for Christmas and adverts for Christmas meals at every restaurant I visit. I love that the whole Christmas spirit starts so early here! In Holland it starts around the beginning of December, just after ‘Sinterklaas’ which is for some people early enough but not for me!

6. Baths

Lush is already stocked up with their sparkly pumpkin bubble bars to provide everyone the bath they have been waiting for. I love taking baths however in summer it is always too warm and a shower is therefore a lot easier, which is another reason to love autumn; more baths! Nothing can compare to a good warm bath whilst watching Gossip Girl. (even after seeing all the seasons for the fourth time, there is nothing wrong with the fifth)

7. Layers

Shopping for a bikini is nice but shopping for cardigans, knee-high boots, scarves, hats, jackets, gets a lot more interesting. I love layering clothes and trying to find the perfect outfit. Finally the season where you can almost wear all of your clothes at once! My favourite autumnal colour is burgundy, I just think that colour sums it all up and everything looks good in burgundy, from jumpers to lipsticks. 

8. Candles

To all of those lucky people who are able to buy bath and body works candles, this should be enough reason to absolutely love autumn. Luckily, yankee candle do some pretty good autumnal candles as well such as spiced orange, salted caramel, pain au raisin and more and of course any candle is perfect for this time of year. (I just love those special smelling ones). To light candles whilst taking a bath and reading a book and a having cup of tea is basically all you need to do to understand this whole post. It is so relaxing and really helps you to relief some stress. 

9. More time to get things done

This might be more personal but I just think that it is easier to concentrate once autumn is starting. I can’t concentrate in summer and spring is pretty hard too as it is almost summer then. But now, since I have been back at school for a couple of weeks I can finally start to concentrate on school, work and my blog again. I also think that people get more motivated around this time because they start to realise that it will be Christmas soon which means that the year is ending and they haven’t done as much as they wanted. These last months often mean the chance to still achieve goals that were set at the beginning of the year.

10. Halloween

Last but not least, Halloween. I don’t think I have to say much about this one, it is just a reminder. 

Love, Marlinde x