Smart and Stylish

As I said in my ‘formal but fashionable’ post, I had two outfits ready for my formal days at school which I still find very stylish at the same time. This second one is definitely my favourite out of the two, all because of this dress. I recently saw this dress in Zara and with some pieces of clothing there is just that moment when you see it and you know there is no going back. That happens to me a little bit too often, I had it with this dress as well. I tried it on, asked my mum what she thought and it only took one nod and a smile from her for me to decide. I am so glad that I came across such a pretty red dress, as I am always too picky when it comes to dresses like this. It is very comfortable as well and even after washing it a few times, the colour is still as bright as it was in the first place. This should actually always be the case but I am known for having bad luck with my clothes in the washing machine unfortunately. (oops)

A lot of people might see this dress and think it is more for an evening out, but I personally think it can be worn as a formal dress as well. If I would wear this for a night out I would probably pair it with some high heels and an outstanding necklace, but because this was for a formal day at school, I kept my jewerly to a minimum of a small thin silver necklace and two thin silver bracelets.

For my shoes, I chose to wear my black ankle boots from Deichmann, these are so comfortable to walk around in all day long! They have a fringe detail at the side and the material changes half way. I think this gives a really lovely effect to the boots.

With this outfit I really wanted to show that to look smart and formal, it does not always have to be black, white or grey. Neutral colours are overall seen as more formal but there is nothing wrong with a plain red, purple or blue dress for example. I would say to not go for crazy patterns and to keep it appropriate, so not too see-through or too short but there is more out there than the standard little black dress or white blouse.

Love, Marlinde x

P.s Happy October 3rd everybody, may you always wear pink on Wednesdays ♡