How To Stress Less

Whether it is about a job, school, money, or just personal and social life, everyone has their stressful moments. I personally have been stressed a lot lately about all of the above because let’s face it; combining a job, school and a social life (and a blog) together is hard, very hard. I am more motivated than I have ever been before to succeed which really helps to simply get things done. But it does not mean that I am not constantly stressed out. 

A little stress never hurts as most people work harder under pressure but most of the time  a lot of stress just causes a lack of sleep and a bunch of spots on our chins. 

The last couple of weeks I felt as if all my stress was piling up and sooner or later I was going to explode. Until then, I did not do anything about feeling stressed, I thought it was the only way to feel at that point since I just did not have time to relax because of all the work I needed to do. 

If you are thinking this right now, let me tell you that you need to stop doing this. You have to take some time to yourself to get you back on track. Now, a lot of people think that when they take a bath it means that they have ”relaxed” and ”solved the problem”. No. Honestly, one bath or even one trip to a tropical island is not going to relief stress. It may do for awhile, but in the long run it will only get worse after that because there is still the same if not even more work to get done. The next couple of steps are what I did to help me stress less, I hope they work for you too.

Start organising

The best thing to do first is to start getting organised. Go out and buy planners, folders, highlighters and everything else you will need and start organising all the work you need to do and all the deadlines you need to meet. This may seem like an obvious step but it is often the one that we simply don’t take time for. Once you have written down everything that needs to be done, highlight only the urgent ones. Be critical for this step because although we all like to think ‘getting a manicure’ is an urgent one, it really is not at this point. Try to forget about all the other tasks on the list and only keep the urgent ones in your head. Hopefully this will help relief a little bit of stress or at least help to get rid of that headache.

Get to work

Onto the next step, watching a movie with friends or family may seem necessary to relief stress, but you know as soon as that movie finishes, you have to get back to all of your responsibilities again. A better option is to just get started on your tasks. By this I don’t mean finish everything highlighted on your list within one day because that is impossible. A lot of people, (and I was one of them) think that by writing a to-do list, they will automatically finish the list in one day and won’t be stressed anymore. However, when they don’t finish their tasks in that period of time, they will blame themselves and will only get more stressed out. It is better to write a relevant and possible to-do list quickly and then just get to work. 

Focus on each task at a time

Thinking about all the other tasks you need to do is not going to make the first one any easier or less work. It is better to focus on each task at a time and try to not think about the work you have left. I know this is the most difficult part but that is exactly where the stress comes from. We mostly spend more time stressing out rather than actually getting to work.

Think about your goals

Finally, think about why you are actually so stressed out. Also, think about if it is worth it. Are you constantly stressing out about your job that you hate than is it worth keeping or is it time to look for something else? For me, I was stressed out about my university application and everything I needed to achieve to apply but I knew it was going to be worth it because that was what I wanted. If you are working hard for something you want to achieve it will always be worth it but don’t stress out over unnecessary things.

Love, Marlinde x
(Photo credit to Marlena Pearl Photography.)