Prom outfit | 50’s style


I always always always pictured my prom in my head, like all girls do I hope, and I wished for the perfect dress and have that special ”woah this is my prom” moment just like in every single cheesy movie. 

And to be honest, it did actually feel like that! I was so happy with the way my outfit turned out since I planned it months and months ago. 

It is a little bit different than the average prom outfit but I am still obsessing over it! I just think it is so ”audrey” and I love the 50’s style look.

It is actually not a dress but a skirt, and I paired it with a black bodysuit. (great trying to do up a bodysuit in the toilets with a skirt this big)

For my shoes, I chose these cute little black ones which I already had in my wardrobe. They are not too high and the block heel was good for dancing! I think the little ankle strap went so well with my outfit! My clutch bag a very last minute purchase since I could not find one that suited my outfit but luckily I found this black one with a golden chain strap as well so I could wear it cross body if I needed to. Everything I wore was actually so affordable as well which was a huge bonus. I have no idea when I am ever going to wear this skirt again but it’s definitely a keeper!

I know it may sounds silly but I always wanted the perfect prom and I still love all those movies btw, no shame. 

♡ Skirt – ASOS

♡ Top – ASOS

♡ Shoes – New Look

♡ Clutch – New Look

♡ Earrings – Topshop

I’d love to see your prom outfits!


Marlinde x