Starting University

A new chapter in my life, University.

So first of all, I GOT ACCEPTED! woohoo! I didn’t sleep all night before the results came out because I was so incredibly nervous but I received good grades and now my place at London College of Fashion is confirmed!

My course starts at the end of September and mid-September I am officially moving to London. I will be living in the Uni halls of residence which I am so pleased about, maybe in the second year I can rent something myself but to be with like-minded people and having a whole community within the halls is perfect for the first year. 

The course I will be studying is MSc Strategic Fashion Management (another 5 years oh yes here we go again) and I am so glad that I will be able to study something I am so passionate about. Hopefully I can get a transfer for my current job to one of the stores in London but if not I will find a new part-time job because with Oxford street right around the corner, there is nothing stopping me but my bank balance.

Whilst I am super excited to move to such a beautiful big city, I am also scared and nervous about moving out. I have always only lived in small towns where I knew everything and everyone so this is going to be another massive change for me. At the moment I am having mixed feelings about this change. A few months ago my stepdad passed away and thinking about moving out it just feels as if I will be leaving my mom and sister behind. I know they will be fine without me but we have always been so strong together so not seeing them everyday will be the most difficult part. Even the part where I will be all by myself in a city I don’t know, with people I don’t know, does not bother me as much. I think this is mainly because I know that moving to England has already made this step easier for me. 

I think it is so good to always push yourself into doing new things and I know my examples have both been moving somewhere new but even if it is something less extreme such as reading different books, learning a new language, joining a new gym, (look at me promoting the gym when I have not been once in my life) changing jobs, meeting new people, discovering a new hobby, ANYTHING that will get you out of your comfort zone even if it is just a tiny step!

I know this will be so worth it in the end. It’s just going to be so different (cooking myself) but an amazing opportunity at the same time. I will try my hardest to combine studying and blogging, I know other people do it so it must be possible. I will now have the perfect locations for all my ”lookbook” posts! 

Most of all I am so so happy with my place at this University and I can’t wait to start, there will hopefully be some ”diy” room decorations coming up once I have moved out. Only how am I meant to ”pinterest” decorate my room when I’m not allowed any fairy lights I mean?!

I would love to know your thoughts or tips on going Uni and what it is you are doing right now! Whether you are finished, just starting like me, working, apprenticeship, anything, let me know!!


Marlinde x