DIY pinboard makeover

When I lived at home I used to spend so much time decorating my room. All my walls were pink and one of them had this beautiful Audrey Hepburn quote written in black. I would spend hours and hours on Pinterest looking for the cutest DIY room decor. However, now I moved into student halls and although I can’t complain about my room in the centre of London, it is so plain and boring! 😱 
I knew that nothing was allowed to be changed which is understandable, so I tried to decorate it with a cactus and pineapples. (ofcourse)
There was just one main thing left that was bothering me in my room and that was the plain pinboard! 
Time to change it up and give it a diy makeover!

I went to paperchase, the best stationary store, and since the academic year had already started everything was on sale! I picked up different patterned wrapping paper to stick all over the pinboard. I didn’t want just one colour so I divided the space into a few rectangles and used ribbon and washi tape to cover the edges. I found a few cute postcards that I used as decoration as well as some letter stickers. 

I’m so happy with end result, I know it’s not at all perfect aligned but that’s the point! It has to look fun and creative and that’s so easy and quick to do!

Let me know what you think and if you’re going to give yours a makeover too! 

LOVE, Marlinde x