Burning Red | Winter outfit

Does it get any more festive than a red jumper? probably. but lets pretend it doesn’t. It’s actually not even my jumper ha ha. Anyway, this is my favourite winter outfit at the moment! Although Autumn is my favourite season, Winter is definitely up there in my top 4. Which is why I thought I’d share with you my fave winter outfit. Usually I love getting all glammed up for Christmas with pretty dresses and glitter eyeshadow but this year I just want to be warm and comfortable. I absolutely love these trousers because they go with so many different tops and jumpers right now, and in spring they will still be so wearable with cute bodysuits! The shoes match the trousers maybe a little too much since they have the exact same pattern but I really like wearing them together! Almost everything is from Zara apart from my coat which is from Asos, it is so soft on the inside and it is actually more comfortable than it looks. A black coat would have looked even better with this outfit but you can’t have it all I guess! 

Really enjoying my lunch on this sunny day here as you can see. Lovely plate of thin cold air. Also you probably want to know that I only shaved my ankles for these pictures, yes that’s right if I rolled up my trousers just a little bit higher you could see my winter fur. 

Lastly, I was just wondering what everyone thinks of the ‘shop my wardrobe’ feature on my  blog. Is it useful at all or do you never use it? Do you want me to change it to something else such as ‘What I’ve been loving’? That would mean I would feature products I like but don’t necessarily own myself. I could include a lot more clothing pieces this way however I would not have tried them myself. Let me know what your opinion is, I am just leaving it as it is for the moment but I am open to any suggestions.

May your Christmas be filled with lots of warm red jumpers and hot chocolate! Or wine. You should definitely listen to Sia’s Christmas album it is by far the best one this year!

Love, M x


❤︎ JUMPER – Zara

❤︎ TROUSERS – Zara

❤︎ SHOES – Zara