Life Update | Back Home For The Holidays

They say time flies when you’re having fun but it has been too long since I have been home. I have missed my friends and family so much and it has been so good to finally see them! 

 Although I must say, London has a piece of my heart. What a beautiful city and already so many amazing memories. I remember writing about my first week in halls and now a whole three months have passed! I am absolutely loving my course and everything about it, being surrounded by the fashion industry constantly is such a dream. I remember stepping foot inside the university on the open-day and knowing that it was the place I needed to be. I was right, studying fashion management at LCF has only confirmed that this is what I want to do. 

 I know choosing a degree and a university is such a difficult choice and some of my friends have struggled with it a lot. I was lucky that I knew exactly what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go, if you are not sure then choose something you know you are passionate about. So many people consider irrelevant factors when it comes to making this decision such as if there will be enough work and money in that field. I was told this sooo many times when I told people I wanted to work in fashion. I believe that as long as you are passionate about something and ready to give it your all, the rest will follow because the truth is, it is not worth choosing a degree for the money if you can’t find the motivation to push yourself to that 9am lecture on Monday morning. 

 Living in halls has been the best experience so far! I have met amazing people there and I know we’ll be friends for life now, living together really makes you closer as you learn more about each other in a short period of time. I do have to say that my flatmates have made the whole experience a lot easier for me and I am forever grateful. Apart from the messy kitchen it does kind of feel like my second home.

 I learned so much about myself too and I have become more independent. I think I always have been quite independent just not when it comes to cooking every single day! Washing is actually not that bad at all! 

In my last uni-related post I talked about how everyone always says London can get lonely and that I would have to see for myself. I completely understand where this comes from and I can actually relate to that. Not because there is no one to turn to or to see, more because in such a big city, you just feel really small. At least that is my opinion. There is so much happening all the time and walking in central where it is so so busy can get very overwhelming. It feels like the city life is never ending which is why it is so good to be back home near the sea now to just take a step back and actually relax. 

It is still weird living without family but it gets easier every day and now being at home feels so much more special. I appreciate everything so much more. I would advise anyone that goes to uni next year to live in halls, it has been my best decision yet. My room even looks quite cute now! 

I do have to say that going to university four full days a week and working in retail part time two full days only leaves me with one day off which is the only day I can get my assignments and reading done. I am not complaining at all, I am enjoying it a lot but it does mean that I am not able to blog as much as I hoped I would. I think London is such a good location to be for blogging with all the best places and events it is just hard to find the time! I went to my first ever blogger-event recently which was near Stratford and I felt so honoured to be invited! I did not expect anyone to ask for my business card because I don’t even have one! I literally scribbled my email address on sticky notes which must have left the worst first impression ever! Not to mention I was the only one who showed up in their bright red Christmas pyjamas oooops. 

I hope you are having a great December so far and let me know what your Christmas plans are for this year, I am staying in with movies and snacks.


Love, M x