Denim Skirt Winter Look

Time to talk about my favourite skirt ever ever ever! Jokes this is the only one I have. (WHAT?!) I know I am shocked too! Believe it or not this is the only denim skirt in my wardrobe at the moment!

Truth is, there is hardly any room for more than this skirt alone in my room in London so I have to carefully select what goes on each shelf! I have also always been too picky about my statement pieces because I see them as my little investments. I don’t know about you but if I am going to buy 1 black sweater it better be the best one in the whole wide world, right? That goes the same for anything denim in my opinion, even though I am planning on having more than 1 of course. (student budget issues) Whilst I could only afford to buy one at this moment in time, I had high requirements! I wanted one that was a dark denim with a frayed edge at the bottom, it had to be high-waisted and have some unique detail. Judging by these pictures I hope that you agree I did pretty good if I say so myself! I got this one from NA-KD, one of my favourite websites.



As much as I love my winter coats, I don’t always like wearing them because they just hide my complete outfit most of the time and obviously I want to show it to everyone that’s walking outside. So instead to help me keep a little bit warm I threw a cream jumper on top of my outfit that I ”borrowed” from my sister which she bought recently, here. I am so jealous of her for finding such an amazing jumper, the sleeves are absolutely amazing they really add so much detail to it. I usually wear jumpers with oversized sleeves and these are a lot tighter but I think they go well with this outfit!



The top is from Mango and is perfect to have in your wardrobe as one of those basic T-shirts that go with any outfit. I didn’t have many of these and need to stock up on some more because black and white T-shirts you can never have enough of! (yes even with such small space in a London wardrobe)

The scarf can be seen more as a blanket. I literally take this scarf everywhere with me! the colours go surprisingly well with any outfit and it is especially good to keep you warm in lecture halls, speaking from experience here.

Another staple piece that I wanted forever but could never decide on which one is a pair of black knee high boots. I finally found these at Aldo and have been wearing them non-stop! (they are overtheknee but in the picture they look shorter) I am not the biggest fan of the complete flat knee highs, but most heels are too high to wear on a day-to-day basis. The ones I got have a small heel and are very comfortable once you have worn them in!

Let me know what your favourite staple piece is in the comments!





❤︎ T-SHIRT – Mango

❤︎ JUMPER – Matalan

❤︎ SKIRT – Na-kd

❤︎ BOOTS – Aldo

❤︎ SCARF – Asos