City Guide | what to do in Milan when it is raining


W hen I first started high school my mum used to tell me that when I graduate, I could choose a city in Europe to visit, just me and her. I had never been to Milan and neither had she so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to discover the fashion capital and spend some quality time with my favourite person. (Thankfully she agreed to be my personal photographer on this trip)

I knew I wanted to include more travel content on my blog so I planned out the perfect title and some key subjects whilst waiting at the airport. Little did I know it was going to rain like it had never rained before. Bye bye to the cliche 'spaghetti on the terrace' pictures.

I was so upset because the weather is always outside your control and I wanted to scratch the idea of posting about Milan completely but then decided that this is what I want to do eventually. Share experiences and travel tips on top of all the fashion related content of course. Not a single drop of rain was going to take that away from me. (even though they did try) The weather will not always be on your side everywhere you go which is why I will share with you; What to do in Milan when it is raining. 


1. Dancing in the rain around the duomo

The Duomo di Milano is definitely Milan's greatest asset and pictures don't do it enough justice. My mum and I were rushing to the metro to get as quickly to our hotel as we could when we saw the cathedral. It was such a breathtaking moment and everyday after I felt that same magical feeling. We arrived late the first day so the queue was super long and we had to check in at the hotel, so we decided to get up extremely early the next morning and prayed there were less people (instagram life).

Before we went inside I was twirling around in my maxi skirt with many eyes staring at me and thinking I was crazy. It was going to rain all day so why not make the most of it. If you can afford it I would highly recommend paying a little bit extra to skip the queue and get entry through the back door. It is not much difference in price but worth the time that you save if you are only in Milan for a short amount of time.

''It's about learning to dance in the rain...''

2. Pretend you're rich in Victoria emmanuel

Don't be fooled it is not as large as it looks on the pictures BUT the victoria emmanuel shopping centre is one of the few places where you can escape the rain in Milan so it is worth exploring every single corner of it.

With Milan being one of the world's fashion capitals you will find every designer brand here with at least three floors of their best kept secrets. My mum and I quickly popped into Louis Vuitton and the next minute one of the salesmen is showing her the one of a kind collection thinking she would buy all of them.

I went into Prada and soon after discovering that I would not get the same service as the girls with Chanel brooches pinned all over their body, I walked up to one of the lovely ladies and asked for a specific model, name, colour, measurements of a bag that was not displayed to impress her. This is clearly the way to do it. Pretend you have more than £6.72 in your bank account and walk out with their business cards and wedding invitations. (okay slightly over exaggerating but you get the point)


3. Strolls near the canals

When you visit Milan for the first time it may seem like it is all shopping, shopping, shopping but if you wander a little bit away from the centre there are some beautiful canals to visit. I personally found that walking along these canals and little bridges was necessary to relax, to get away from the busy malls for a minute. The green line to Porta Genova does not take long, when you get out of the station it is about a 5 minute walk to the canals. As  for the rain, that leads me onto my next point.

4. Go boutique shopping

As you can see there are a lot of little restaurants and boutiques around the same place. These are perfect spots to hide from the rain and a good opportunity to stock up your vintage jewellery collection.

piazza duomo milano --> navigli district

5. do everything you wanted to do in spite of the rain

Even though the rain can affect all the plans you made in advance, you should not let it ruin your time. Yes watching Italian soaps in the hotel room is fun, (and I am the first to admit that we definitely did that one night) but you should make the most of your time away and not let the rain get to you as much as it did to me on the first day. I think I complained so much about the rain when we arrived that we left with a little bit of sunshine! There is nothing an umbrella cannot fix, that is coming from someone who almost walked barefoot through the streets because her (new) shoes were soaked. keep going guys.