Predictable Pastel Colour Coordination That Always Works For Spring

Top (here)  |  Jeans (here)  |  Cardigan (here)  | Bag (here) |  Shoes (here)

With spring feeling closer than (n)ever, non-existent sunshine in London, I wanted to share an outfit option that is very spring-focused and totally wearable now. No matter what the current fashion trends may be, automatically spring is often associated with light pastel colours and to be honest with you, I thought I was getting a little bored of seeing perfect pastel outfits all colour coordinated. Turns out I feel the complete opposite now which doesn’t really make any sense whatsoever so let’s just skip this awkward intro please.

Walking on Oxford Street quite regularly (to the library, NOT to go shopping meh) I see very bold colours and stand-out pieces in all the windows and although I love bold clothing, most of them I cannot see myself wear. So rather than following the trends I am going to stick to what has worked for a very long time in spring and that is predictable pastel colour coordination.


Colour coordination

I find colour coordination so satisfying, especially when it is the bag and shoes that are matching, or shoes and a top. Even though I like to try new combinations with clothing, this will always be my ‘go to’ solution when I don’t know if the outfit looks put together or when I simply have no clue what to wear! (happens every day)


I love how the blue adds a pop of colour to this outfit with the many neutral colours, I was looking for more easy pastel colour coordinations and have listed them below. The blue combination is still my favourite but the pink clutch with those shoes would be so cute for spring/summer too! The mint Rebecca Minkoff bag has been on my wish list for awhile but for some reason I ALWAYS end up buying bags in black. Most shoes as well, I don’t know if anyone else has this with bags and shoes but if the price tag is a little too high, the only way I can justify it is going for the black option.






– Left to right perfect colour combos –


I was lucky that these blue items were the same shade so they were a perfect match! It is not the most daring option I admit, but so nice to have for the days when you want to look put together but have no idea how to style your outfit, or when you have something simple in your wardrobe such as a black or white T-shirt dress. The pointy toe shoes were actually a bit out of my comfort zone but I love them soooo much now, they are much more comfortable than expected! It is so funny actually because when I was younger, (around 11 years old) I used to hate these kind of shoes, I always told my mum ”no pointy toes and no heels” and woah what a changed woman I am hahaha. Fingers crossed that spring will finally break through any of these coming weeks.

So lastly I would love to know if you’re going for the bold trend this season or if you are sticking to the safe but cute option of pastel combinations? Comment down below your thoughts!

Love, M x

Photograpy by the talented KAYE FORD

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