Why Sheer Is The New Black This Spring


| Outfit details: all sold out already I'm afraid! But there are some similar and even cuter tops linked below. |

How ironic is this title since my top is still black.

Sheer materials never used to be my thing but with the amount of bralette options I might have become a secret fan. Well I guess the secret's out now. In spring and summer black can be such a harsh colour to wear sometimes and even though I still love black items in the warmer months, I prefer the see-through/sheer option since it just makes the whole look a bit lighter. The top I am wearing in the photograph is not the most daring one out there but I prefer the detailed sheer tops to the plain ones since the options are endless in every high-street store at the moment.  All you need is an oversized kimono and some cowboy boots and you're practically ready for that Coachella instagram pic by the ferris wheel. (mostly jealousy)



Sexy sheer in spring and summer

might have actually been a better title but I don't feel like changing it anymore. There is something about sheer and mesh tops that always makes me feel more sexy whether it is the lace bralette or the skin revealing side. You can get sheer tops and dresses in all sorts of styles, colours and patterns but even a simple plain one can look so sexy and stylish when paired with the right lingerie. Personally I buy bralettes in every shape or form and every colour so I will always have something ready to pop on underneath a cute top! It has gotten to the point where I don't even want to wear normal bras anymore because they are so much more uncomfortable.

Lately the sheer dress game has been getting stronger too and I need to admit that I am still looking for the perfect one but I haven't found one that I 100% love just yet. if you have any suggestions please let me know! I don't have any examples BUT in my head I have came to the conclusion that all sheer dresses look amazing with white statement boots, Kurt Geiger do some really nice ones at the moment if you are looking for something to add to your outfit!


Lastly I just wanted to say randomly, if you haven't seen legally blonde in theatre yet you need to go! I mentioned it on my instagram story but I had the best time there a few weeks ago and the songs are all on spotify too, on repeat when I am walking to uni! (not even slightly embarrassed by that)

Love, M x

Photography by the talented KAYE FORD