An Instagram Walking guide To Notting Hill


As you may have gathered from my instagram, Notting Hill is one of my favourite spots to walk around in London. The city life can be pretty hectic and it feels like everyone is busy all the time. Even crossing the streets at Oxford Circus seems to be a sport for some of us. Apart from the parks around the city, Notting Hill is one of the few places where you can truly relax in my opinion. There are still loads of people but walking there, I feel like time stops for awhile.

Everyone walks at a slower pace, cafes are cuter and less crowded, the sound of nature is more clear and the colourful blossoms are more vibrant than anywhere else. The reason I titled this post ''An Instagram walking guide to Notting Hill'' is because there is something to spot around every corner, so many capture moments. These are just a few of my favourite (hidden) spots. They are all in walking order!


1. Breakfast or BRUNCH AT FARM GIRL

Farm girl has a few chains around London but the one at Portobello Road is by far the best one. All the staff are so friendly and funny and the service is amazing. Which is the bare minimum for a cafe in my opinion but still very rare sometimes.

The food oooooooo the food. Where to begin. Being a massive avocado on toast fan i would have to recommend that one. It is NOT the boring choice as I hear some of you screaming through your screen, it comes mixed with strawberries. There was so much avocado that I could not even see the toast anymore and if that doesn't sound like heaven to you then I don't know what does.

My newly made friend, the gorgeous Kristin (aka @pinkneonlips) ordered the Dragon bowl when we last went to Farm Girl and it was delicious too with flowers on top! Now I have two favourites so I guess I will need to go more often, what a shame. 😉

p.s their lattes are the best ones in London, which is a very very big statement to make but you know I would never lie.

2. Old sign shopping across the street

Right opposite Farm Girl there is a cute corner full of old street signs and decorative/funny/vintage signs. These are so cool and they have boxes full of them! I still live in student halls at the moment but I could already picture one of my walls in my house full of these! They are perfect for a little photoshoot too, one of the men working there actually offered to help with taking pictures and I am sure he is a photographer in his spare time.

This is one of the things I love about Notting Hill, you will find something unique around every corner and the people are super friendly and welcoming. I am not saying that other parts in London are less friendly but it just stands out more in Notting Hill. It is a good place to take a step back, relax, and enjoy every part of the city and the world around you.


3. The Oh So famous colourful houses

Apart from the carnaval and the movie, the colourful houses are one of the first things that come to mind for a lot of people when mentioning Notting Hill. I went last summer for the first time and had a full on photoshoot! It makes the streets so happy and bright having all these colours. It would be a dream to live in one of those pink or pastel blue houses one day. To find these, you will have to walk around. They are everywhere but you won't see them immediately as you walk out of the station. Just take your time to walk around all the streets and you will find them in each and every colour you can think of.

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4. Portobello road market

Just follow the signs at the end of every street and it will lead you straight to Portobello Road. It is a really long street full of old vintage shops, quirky food places and more jewellery than you can imagine.

Around here all the cute cars can be found most of the time as well, in the side roads. I honestly don't have a thing for cars usually but if they go with my outfit.....well, enough said.

There are two shops in particular that I really like in this road. The first one is called Alice's. It is painted red from the outside and it has the best vintage home decor! So many old mirrors and side tables that I really wish I had my own place right now.

The second one is on the left of the road, you will see it as you walk along and it has a million old phones that still work! one of the guys actually tested it with me as well and it echoes a bit but they are years and years old so it is impressive that they still work.

5. Wild at heart flower shop

This is now probably one of the most overused instagram places just like Peggy Porschen but I still really like walking past here and I always do when I am in Notting Hill! This photo I used was taken months ago and at the moment they have gorgeous pink roses around the 'wild at heart' sign which makes it look so magical! You should definitely have a look since it is right by all the good shops in the middle of the town!


6. Doughnut time and biscuiteers

I was going to write, 'Doughnut time OR biscuiteers' but it is actually perfectly fine to do both. These are only 10ft away from each other and can both be found towards the end of Portobello Road. Doughnut time speaks for itself I think, extremely delicious overpriced doughnuts that you want to stock your whole fridge full of. At least I do.

The biscuiteers is very instagram trendy  but most of all it is just the cutest place to visit. I am sure you have heard of them so I won't go on about it too much but they have THE best icing cookies in the world. Or at least it London. They even do workshops as well which I will definitely need because even though my  mum used to make wedding cakes, my icing skills are non existent.


So there you go! The best Notting Hill walking guide with all the insta hot spots. I know many people that are London based and have never visited Notting hill and I just don't understand, it is the best! If you are one of those people than I hope you will pack your bag and go visit after reading this post. Even if you don't go to any of these places, just walking around on a sunny day or having a picnic underneath a blossom tree is such a good escape from reality sometimes.

Love, M x