Life Motto: Never pay Full Price


S o, I am not sure where I was going with this post but I just typed this title without thinking and I feel like it is a sign. Something bigger is happening. Anyway, if you follow me on instagram you have probably seen me share many many pinterest quotes about motivation, love, stepping out your comfort zone etc. Quotes that would make great life mottos, things you should live by.

However, the one life motto that I always stand by and that never seems to fail me is ''Never pay full price''. Take this outfit for example, the jacket; from £70 to £27. The shoes; from £65 to £18.  That is a lot of money I saved on this outfit by just waiting a few weeks more.

Pressured to buy trends

With the typical highstreet retailers changing their windows and mannequins every week it can feel overwhelming. Yes, it is good for inspiration and to notice quickly when the new collection arrives or to spot pieces that you wouldn't have seen otherwise. It also puts pressure on us to keep buying the newest trends. If you are reading this you are probably as obsessed with fashion as I am and you love to spot the newest trends. I personally love walking along Oxford Street, reading magazines and fashion blogs about what is hot in the fashion world right now.


However, ''fashion'' for me is not always wearing the latest trends and having my wardrobe matched with the current collections. If I love a new trend, cool. If not, I don't buy it and I don't write about it pretending I do. What I am trying to say is, walking into shops one week and seeing that everything has changed AGAIN, makes you feel as if you are not keeping up with the trends and that the new collection is already out and better than the previous one. Truth is, all the pieces you bought only a few weeks ago are now half the price which is a much better value. I feel pressured sometimes to buy full price new collection items because otherwise it is ''too late''. Maybe that is just me but let me know if you can relate.


the designer exceptions to this rule

Like every other rule, this one has exceptions too.

I believe that it is wort waiting for items to go into the sale if you know they will be marked down soon anyway!! (Uhum Zara.) However, not all brands markdown their products because they simply don't need to. Designer brands are the prime example here because they hardly ever have sale and when they do it won't be a full 50% at all, not even close.

To me, a designer piece is something I will think about for a long time before I buy since it is such a big investment to make. I am currently saving up for a black Givenchy bag and I know it is a lot of money but I will be so proud of myself when I am finally able to buy it!

Although even to this exception there is an exception; not all designer pieces have to be purchased brand new and therefore they don't have to be full price.

If I was looking for a pink Prada bag or some summer Stella McCartney lace ups there is no way I wouldn't check out a website such as Vestiaire Collective first. They might have a few marks (most of the time none at all) but they will be half the price!


I know not everyone will agree on what i have said so far and I get it! Sometimes you are afraid that your size will run out of stock, other times you only have two days left before that beach holiday and you just have no choice but to buy that new collection Topshop swimsuit! I have done that too! Even then, when I buy something online I will double check that I have entered my student discount code and all other codes I managed to find online by just typing in the company + discount codes + year.

I guess all I am trying to say is that this life motto has saved me loads of money and I am just as happy with the pieces I have in my wardrobe as anyone who shops week after week! Let me know your thoughts and what your secrets are to never paying full price.


Happy shopping!

Love, M x

Photography by the talented Kaye Ford