Stunning Short Statement Dresses for Summer


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Sometimes I love dressing up no matter how tight or uncomfortable the outfit is. As long as it looks good and all put together I will wear it. Especially when it comes to shoes which is very unfortunate since I ALWAYS get blisters. However, there is no better feeling than walking around all day feeling like a million dollars whilst still being the most comfy you can be. I like to achieve this by adding statements to my outfits so it takes away the attention of the comfiness!


time to make a statement

The key to making a statement is to step away from ordinary pieces and start looking at different cuts, fits, patterns and colours. Anything that stands out to you and that attracts you to the item. Whether this is a bold coloured coat, large heavy earrings or a pair of crazy patterned trousers.

I saw this embroidered T-shirt dress on ASOS and thought it was different than your standard every day T-shirt dress, and because of the cut and fit it was also different from the usual embroidered dresses. It stood out to me and that's why I went for it.

I admit it is not the most extreme statement but still very much my style which is important to me.


Nothing is comfier than getting rid of those jeans for a day and going bare legs. If you are not me and you do get a tan in summer then congrats, this is the perfect opportunity.

Combine one of these dresses with some statement earrings and you're good to go. I personally love Zara and Topshop statement earrings and always find myself in that section of the shops. I am currently on the lookout for new jewellery stores that are less known and have some unique pieces so if you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments!

Below I have listen some of my favourite finds lately when it comes to comfy short statement dresses that you can just throw on and feel amazing in! Pair them with some nude heels/boots to really focus the attention on the top half of your body. I love a bold lip that matches with my dress and usually go for my favourite Kat von D liquid lipstick, it is my dream to own the whole collection one day.


current favourite statement dresses


Mini life update: I know I haven't been posting regularly and I am so sorry, thank you for standing by my side. I have my final exam for this year very soon and after that I will focus on creating amazing content (and hopefully squeeze in a holiday or two). I am so glad to have finished this first year of university, only because I am so ready for summer! I still love my course as much as I did the I started and am super excited for what next year will bring! If you are thinking of studying fashion management than go for it because it won't disappoint!

Love, M x

photography by Kaye Ford