On Trend: Alluring Asymmetric Dresses To Wear Now

asymmetrical dresses

Recently I have been seeing many high-street stores bring out asymmetrical dresses and skirts within the new collections. I mentioned the I would do a post on that in one of my previous posts and that is exactly what I wanted to share with you today! I personally don't always like every trend going on but I love this one. The difference in sides of dresses gives it so much more detail and makes the garments a lot more interesting in my opinion.


Many dresses that are made to be asymmetric will have obvious differences such as this black and white polkadot dress from Boohoo which reminds me so much of the Spanish dresses my grandparents used to get me when I was a little girl. It adds so much more character to the dress than if it would be a normal straight cut. A lot of the times the asymmetric part at the bottom will be a split in the dress towards one side which makes the dress a bit more sexy. (I have one of these fro on the beach and it was the best investment I have ever made)

The violet dress is a less obvious asymmetric dress but still really special. The base of the dress is the same but the added ruffles make it so special. I love clothing that makes you feel extra special when wearing it and these kind of dresses do that for me! Brands like Topshop have many asymmetric dresses in store at the moment so you will definitely find a good one in there or in the options I have linked below.

Another style of asymmetric dress is the different shoulder type. For example, one shoulder dresses or ''one strap one sleeve'' dresses. There are so many different styles available now that there will be one for everyone.

asymmetrical dresses

asymmetric dresses
asymmetric dresses

Since you would want most of the attention on the dress, I would choose items that are not gonna steal the show, but compliment the dress. For example, with a black and white dress - stick to one colour for shoes and bags/ jewellery but make it bold. You could go for a red or pink, blue, dark green - anything! For an asymmetric dress with a bold colour or crazy pattern I would personally stick to monochrome colours . For example, with the violet dress I went for a black and cream bag with cream coloured espadrilles to keep the attention focused on the bold colour of the dress.

asymmetric dresses
asymmetrical dresses

I have linked all the items below within their separate looks. Let me know your thoughts on this trend and if you own any asymmetric dresses or skirts. I say trend but obviously these sort of dresses have been around forever it is just that high street stores are focusing on them in particular right now.

Love, M x

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