How To Style a Lace Bodysuit 3 Different Ways


*warning* - contains many sunflowers.


- the easy ''go-to'' look - 

One thing I always recommend to anyone is investing in basic wardrobe pieces preferably in monochrome colours. Bodysuits are for sure included in that! I think I have more bodysuits than average tees and even though they are A PAIN to do up when you are drunk in the club toilets - they are pretty amazing in other situations such as keeping your whole outfit look put together.

I personally always used to wear all my bodysuits with jeans or a denim skirt because I thought they were perfect for that - and they are. However, I also want to show that the same lace bodysuit can be styled in man y different ways! That's why they are so useful.

In the picture above I am wearing my favourite Topshop bodysuit with a white polkadot skirt and some converse. this is one of the most basic outfits but it works. The black and white and the polkadots already create a look together so you just need some simple shoes and you're good to go! This outfit is to show that no matter what you decide to wear as bottoms,  lace black bodysuit will always be a save, but good option.

- the dreamy romantic look - 

Rather than a cool skirt with a belt and biker boots, you can also enhance the lace and create a dreamy romantic outfit. In the picture below I styled it with a midi skirt from Zara. Since this skirt is already a big statement piece with its many colours, a subtle lace body is really the perfect option to pair it with. This is one of those put together outfits whilst being comfortable which is hard to find in my opinion! The earrings in the right picture are from Millicent jewellery which they kindly send to me. They bring out the colours in the skirt again since the top is all black. I would always recommend choosing your jewellery carefully since it can really make or break the look you're going for.


- the bralette replacement -

This summer has been all about the buttoned up dresses and I am not complaining! I found the best ones were offered by Zara and Topshop and so did the whole of London I believe hahaha.

Personally I don't like dresses buttoned up all the way, I love leaving a few open and usually I would wear a black or white bralette from urban Outfitters underneath to make it more feminine.

However, sometimes that is still not enough cover in my opinion so with the dress I am wearing on the right, (from Zara) it looked best by having the buttons open all the way to the belt, and  wearing the lace bodysuit underneath. I love the effect that it has of the lace showing and it immediately adds so much detail to the outfit that wasn't there before.

Yellow doesn't always work with pale skin like mine but adding some dark colours makes it look  lot better and less light all together!