How To Travel Light When You’re Not a Minimalist

how to travel light when you are not a minimalist

What I always noticed about packing light tips and tricks were that more often than not they came from a minimalist. Personally, when someone says to me ''only pack 1 outfit and half a toothbrush'' I just know that it ain't gonna work.

So I wanted to give you some tips from someone (ahum, me) who has always struggled with packing and who would put off packing her suitcase until it is 45 minutes before departure.

So here it goes,

- all my golden tips -

  1. Pack your suitcase at the very last minute - this way you don't have much time to think about all the stuff you want to take because you can only pack what's within reach. (this has always worked for me - no time to give all those dresses an extra wash, just face the fact that you can't take them)
  2. You would be surprised by the people who don't do this put roll up all your clothing items, it will give less creases (even less if you put a ''light'' piece of paper in between) and it takes up less space.
  3. Research the suitcase you buy and don't just go for the pretty colours like I used to do. - there are many companies who make extra lightweight suitcases so when you can only take 10kg as hand luggage, at least 3kg of that is not wasted by the weight of the suitcase.
  4. Don't fool yourself by taking ''mini straighteners'' those things don't work and are a waste of space. Instead, take your normal sized one if you really need it and use it to make curls as well (youtube tutorials do wonders) Now, i know you might be thinking ''that's not an essential and definitely not a light packing tip'' but not everyone is a minimalist over here and some of us have really bad hair. - please understand.
  5. Wear the heaviest pair of shoes to the airport - this way it won't weigh down your suitcase and you still get to take this ecute espadrilles! Fitflops weigh nothing and can therefore go in your suitcase stuffed underneath all the other unnecessary crap you don't need.
how to travel light when you are not a minimalist
how to travel light when you are not a minimalist

More extremely relevant tips 

6. This one is for my friend Abbi who took her full sized Chanel perfume on a 3 day trip - buy some cheap small perfume atomisers (like these) from Ebay and fill them up with your favourite perfume! They are so cheap and it saves a lot of space in the liquid bag.

7. Fill up all the empty places with underwear and socks! So for example; inside shoes or hats. (maybe not on the way back)

8. Look at all your outfits and then take away 3 items that you packed for ''just in case'' I promise that you don't really need them and you probably would not have worn them. Just FYI, a true minimalist would have said 'half it and then half it again' but that is very extreme for me and probably for you since you are unlikely to be a minimalist if you are reading this. However, 3 items to take back can't be too hard.

the story behind this post 

I can guarantee that most of these tips won't really work. The real key to travelling light is to strive for minimalism and I am just not ready to commit to that. If you are not either than please let me know so we can support each other.

Anywayyyyyyy, the inspiration behind this post was a girls holiday I went on last year. I overpacked as always to have enough choice of outfits for when I arrived. This was a huge mistake because when we landed in Mallorca and got our suitcases, the wheels of mine were no where to be seen.

Imagine walking past the check in and managing to let them take your overweight suitcase - to then have to CARRY it everywhere. That was a long 27kg heavy walk to the hotel.

Since then I have been getting better and better at packing light whilst still travelling with all the essentials! (by ''essentials'' I mean my full on 7-step skincare routine)

Love, M xo

Photography by Kaye Ford
how to travel light when you are not a minimalist