Everything you need to know about the law of attraction

everything you need to know about the law of attraction

After posting a poll on my insta-story, it blew my mind how many of you had never heard about the law of attraction or the secret - so it was about time for me to write a blog post on this topic. Now this topic is so so broad that I can never cover it in a few words. The law of attraction can be used to attract materialistic things such as a house or a car - it can be used to attract certain people and relationships and even jobs and a career. Mostly (or what I believe to be true), it is the adaption of a different mindset towards positivity. This post will truly be for those of you who are only hearing about it for the very first time.

I always love someone's first reaction when they hear about the law of attraction; ''Yeah right''. That was exactly my first reaction before I started reading into it and watching 'The Secret' documentary. It is not promoted on Netflix so it doesn't show up on the front page, just search for it and give it a watch - if you want your life to change for the better.

everything you need to know about the law of attraction
What is the law of attraction? 

Simply said, the law of attraction is the belief that positive thoughts attract positive experiences and negative thoughts attract negative experiences.

You are practising this law whether you know it or not. Everyone does and I see it everywhere. In my opinion, it is better to learn about it so you can master it and be the one in control of your life.

No matter what your belief or religion is, you can combine it with the law of attraction and truly live your life to the fullest. (I know I usually put sarcastic comments in my posts but this topic is very serious ok)

You might recognise the following situation;

You wake up tired - you get annoyed at the fact that you are tired and you also think about how badly you don't want to get up - you then open up the fridge for breakfast only to see that the eggs are out of date - you have plenty of other food in the fridge but you wanted the eggs - you then say ''this is going to be the worst day ever''

Continuing, you are late for the train - it starts raining - someone bumps into you which makes you drop your phone - you pray for the screen not to be cracked but it is - of course it is.

Finally, you arrive back home at the end of this awful day where everything is wrong - you won't do any more work because you feel sorry for yourself, for this bad day and you go to sleep feeling upset and still a little annoyed.

Now what if I said that you brought this bad day onto yourself. I am not saying you control the rain and sunshine, but you control your thoughts. You control what you put out into the universe. By saying ''this is going to be the worst day ever'' you will never have a good day.

Your mind and thoughts are the base of the energy you put out - and the energy you attract from others. Filling your mind with positive thoughts and saying things out loud such as ''I am going to get this job'' or ''I will finish this paper tonight'' will help you achieve your dreams way faster than the ''I might go to the gym tomorrow'' or ''I'll just see whatever happens''. The last two immediately take the control away from you. Is that what you want for yourself? Don't you want to go after what you deserve and what you know you could create for yourself?

Life is not something that happens to you, sure, it might feel that way sometimes. I feel that way sometimes - but you are still the one in control of how you view your experiences here and how you deal them, you can still take control and master the law of attraction.

everything you need to know about the law of attraction
everything you need to know about the law of attraction
How you can apply the law of attraction

Manifesting. Once you start diving into this new way of thinking you will come across the word manifesting a lot. This is the practise of putting your desires out into the universe. All your thoughts in your mind will create chaos with no clear structure of what you want. Therefore, it is best to create clear goals and have a structure of what it is exactly that you want to manifest by for example writing lists and making vision boards. Saying things out loud is already better than keeping everything in your mind. You want to put it out into the universe. - you need to believe it is possible for yourself.

You can manifest everything.

Literally, after you have watched the secret and done some research, you will find out that people have manifested their dream house, their perfect partner, an amazing job and the list goes on. Whatever dreams you have, take control. You want this and you have to start believing that this will happen because the law of attraction works both ways, if you don't believe in achieving your dreams 100%, why should anyone else?

I would suggest by putting your dreams out there into the universe. Make a list right now (after you finish reading this, obviously). Where do you want to be? What do you want in your life? I don't care if it's to find true love or those new Louis Vuitton boots. Look at this list every day and really start to believe it, work towards it, imagine it in your life - hell, go to the store and try on those boots as if they are already yours. It is just one of many examples but have you ever thought of something and then suddenly seen it everywhere? Maybe you thought of reconnecting with an old friend and suddenly you found these photos of you together? Or you have decided to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself and suddenly you saw posters of the gym everywhere? All these signs were already here - you just did not notice them before. That's why it is so important to realise what you want for yourself.

My honest view and take on the law of 

I wanted to write this post because I realised how much most people need this in their life - but they simply don't know about it. In my opinion, once you hear about the law of attraction, it is hard to ignore. You have more knowledge now and a chance to improve your mindset, your life and yourself even, so why wouldn't you?

Well, first of all it takes time to learn. I am reading and educating myself on the law of attraction constantly and I feel inspired by it. I have a long way to go when it comes to personal development but I believe everybody has.

I have always had the mindset of a plan A. - never a plan B. I strongly believe that whenever you have a plan B, you are less focused on plan A - as if you don't believe in it enough, as if you already think it might fail and therefore create a backup plan. Maybe this mindset of  "I AM going to do this'' has made it easier for me to read more into the law of attraction, because I was already on the right path. Maybe I needed to learn about it because I needed an extra reminder to take control of my life?

everything you need to know about the law of attraction

I definitely think that we are in control of how we deal with situations, the way we handle our thoughts and the way we view our future.

I also think that sometimes, life sucks.

So hey, take away from this whatever you want, do your research or don't - but if you have a chance to work towards changing your mindset which will make this human experience SO much better, why wouldn't you?

Love, M

P.s: Click here for my favourite website to learn about all things Law of Attraction.