5 things i’ve learned from Serena Van der Woodsen

5 things i have learned from serena van der woodsen

Welcome back to my blog, your one and only source into the not-so scandalous life of well, me. Having watched Gossip Girl uhhhh 6 times over again (and counting), it is safe to say I picked up on a thing or two. Not just the fact that my high school experience standards were now extremely unrealistic but also the fact that my favourite it-girl Serena van der Woodsen had some valuable lessons to teach us.

1. Always dress like you are ready to conquer the world

First and foremost the obvious one. Fashion. Serena could wear a bin bag with a belt and I would applaud. There is not a single other person on this planet whose wardrobe I'd rather have than hers. The way she dresses differently for every occasion and creates completely different looks, all flattering and perfectly put together.

Oh and the accessories, no SVDW outfit is complete without the perfect matching heels and handbag. The saying ''you can never be overdressed'' comes to mind whenever I watch her in the show and it reminds me to go for fashion, style and wear it with confidence.

The confidence part plays a big role in this too, Blair has an incredible sense of fashion as well but it is the way of walking and confidence that truly brings it to life with Serena. No wonder she is Manhatten's most wanted IT-girl, she is definitely my style icon.

5 things i have learned from serena van der woodsen

2. Know your worth, then add TAX

Yes, there have been many guys in the life of Serena van der Woodsen but they have also quickly been going out the door when she realised they weren't going to treat her the way she deserved. I mean my life has not been as dramatic as someone leaving me behind in a car accident but it did made me realise to never let anyone decide your worth or take you for granted.

5 things i have learned from serena van der woodsen

3. Take a well deserved break once in awhile

You can say what you want about Serena's wild adventures and holiday getaways but she sure as hell knew what she needed to do to get her life back on track even thought that sometimes meant taking a break from everything and having time to yourself.

I always try to schedule in ''me'' time and it does help to balance out any worries or stress that I have going on at that time. I am a big believer of problems going away once you face them, as well anything work related. However, one lesson I have learned from S is that everyone needs a restart once in awhile.

I have been at home with my mum for the past week and although I am still doing some work, it has already made me feel more relaxed and I have been a lot more focused. Soon I'll be heading to Cyprus for a week's long break - away from work and ready to come back feeling completely refreshed.



4. Always make time for family and friends

Most of them, anyway. S has a way with family that I have always admired. She prioritises them when needed yet won't put herself at the bottom of the list. When she has her mind set on something she will do everything in her power to get there and she takes her family and friends with her. Though only the ones who have earned a place in her heart. I have learned that it is important to prioritise time with family over anything in the world, but this unconditional love has to come from both ways.


5. Focus on being you unapologetically and everything else will fall into place

''They don't tell you who you are, you tell them'' said by our Serena to her best friend when she felt like the world was crumbling around her. This honestly could not have been said better.

We know ourselves best and we are the ones living our lives yet we still get upset and hurt by others when they think they know us better than we do. We all have a voice that deserves to be heard and not pushed away in the corner, so let's start telling and showing people who we are and leave behind those who can't get on board with that. Everything else will fall into place if you focus on you, work on being the best version of yourself everyday, love with no limits, be kind and ambitious just like Serena taught us in all those moments of us binge-watching Gossip Girl in bed with Strawberry Cheesecake flavoured ice-cream. You know the one.

I truly believe that we can only control so much, so we should stop focusing and everything we can't control and just live our life to the best we can - when you are 100% you, that's when magic happens.

5 things i have learned from serena van der woodsen

You know you love me,