How to get back into the habit of reading – and why you should

how to get back into the habit of reading

They say if you do what you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life. Now I don't know who ''they'' are but for the record, this couldn't be more wrong because hell its a lot of work. But I do believe, if you read what you love, you'll read every day of your life.

Growing up, my mum used to walk into my room late at night and told me to finally go to sleep as I would always be up late reading - way past my bedtime. Obviously, the little rebel child that I was, I took my reading light from under my pillow and continued reading until I finished the whole book - no questioning. Even though at this stage of my life I still love reading just as much and can easily curl up in bed all day with a good book, I have to admit that I don't make enough time for it as it is not one of my current priorities although, it should be.

Why the habit of reading should be on your main focus list

Not only is it good to have something that you do just for your own benefit as one of your top priorities, reading regularly actually has a lot of benefits to your overall mental health state, which is something we should all work on daily because talking about it is simply not enough.

Some benefits from refocussing on your reading habits are;

  • Better writing skills
  • Memory improvement
  • Reducing of stress
  • Stronger thinking skills
  • Improved focus and attention

I personally talk to a lot of people who mention some of the above struggles daily but aren't working towards improving them whatsoever, I understand that it is hard to find ways of doing this which is why i wanted to share that by just getting back into the habit of reading, you are already working on yourself and your future you will thank you for it. Of course the above are just a few examples as there are many other reasons to focus on reading, even just expanding your vocabulary and knowledge is so worth it.

Decide what you love reading most

It is okay to branch out, in fact, I would always encourage it but sometimes you don't have to push yourself to read that classic everyone is talking about if it means you are only going to put it off.

YOU are the one who has to read it and no one is going to judge you for not reading the same as them. I always used to feel that I should be buying more ''intellectual'' books, and whilst I think it is important to expand your mind and knowledge, sometimes reading a book that doesn't make you think as much is exactly what you need. Better to read something easy than nothing at all.

It's also better than re-watching the same old Netflix shows every late Sunday night because ha, guilty.

No escaping or excuses

Although putting reading off when you have a mountain of to-do lists is easily done, you should rethink your priorities. Maybe schedule that morning meeting an hour later so you can start the day on a lot less stress by reading a few chapters first thing in the morning. What I personally am going to start doing (because I need to follow my own advice more) is actually scheduling in my mindfulness time to either do some meditation, write to myself or read a book. I find that when it is on your to-do list or in your diary, you are more likely to be reminded that taking some time to yourself should be at the top of your list.

In addition, carrying a book (that is light enough) with you everywhere will remind you to read more as well. Having one in your bag wherever you go and choosing to take it out instead of your phone sometimes will make a huge impact in your day and mind.

At this day, we have to train ourselves again to switch off for a moment and escape to a different world in our favourite book to come back with a fresh perspective and ready to take on whatever comes our way.


Love, M x