why you should give yourself more credit for your achievements

why you should give yourself more credit

Initially, I titled this post ''Can we stop using the word ''lucky'' to describe every achievement, please'' because I am fed up with other people acting as if we get to the top of our game by luck - not hard damn work. Thinking more about this though, it is not only others that brush off our achievements, in fact, it is mostly ourselves. We are so programmed not to come over as ''braggy'' that we brush off our accomplishments in order to, look more humble I guess. We all do it, and in a way it makes us come over as more down to earth and not so full of ourselves which is seen as a bad personality trait. I agree with this HOWEVER only to a certain extent. Let me explain;

does celebrating ourselves equal to being full of ourselves?

Being proud of our achievements, sharing them with others and most importantly celebrating them, should not be seen as ''being full of ourselves'' or bragging in any way. There will always be a way to voice these things that will of course play a huge part in the way you come over to others but I believe that we are so programmed by society to tone down our opinion about ourselves.

This is a whoooole other blogpost but it's the same with the ''Love yourself'' statements followed by a silent ''but not too much'' that makes no sense to me.

I heard someone talk about the Beyonce documentary the other day and how they thought she came across as thinking highly of herself and all I could think was SHE IS FREAKING BEYONCE THO???

This is such a problem created by our society and I am here to say that you should love yourself 100%, you should think highly of yourself and you DEFINITELY should give yourself all the credit you deserve for your accomplishments.

why you should give yourself more credit

let's talk about that word, ''luck''

What do I see as being lucky? I feel lucky to be born in Europe, to be born in this era, to have a family that loves me unconditionally. I am so incredibly lucky and grateful for that.

What I don't see as luck? Being chosen for a job out of thousands of others, getting a promotion, graduating, running a successful company, winning a marathon, building a life for yourself. That isn't ''luck'', that is damn hard work and I am not going to let anyone else say otherwise.

why you should give yourself more credit
why you should give yourself more credit

I am tired of people using luck to compliment an achievement, ''omg you're so lucky you got the job!'' means absolutely nothing and takes away all the credit and the hard work of a person. I am sure you have heard this from others around you plenty of times to relate, I know I have. Whilst it is not meant in a  negative way, it comes across as if we didn't work hard for our achievement. Saying someone is lucky to graduate with a 1st doesn't acknowledge all the nights studying and all the social sacrifices made to achieve this result. Is that just me?

You need to start giving yourself the credit that you deserve

Clap for your own wins and celebrate your own success LOUDLY. I can't stress this enough, we are all to blame for not doing this more, myself included. I would work ages to achieve a massive goal for myself and as soon as it was done I would say ''what's next'' and jump onto the following step without looking back to see everything I have overcome and accomplished at that very moment.

I want you to do more of this. I want myself to do more of this. We get up everyday, do hours and hours of work and go to bed thinking about everything that we didn't do. How silly does that sound when you put it like that, but we all do it.

Stop brushing off your achievements, you EARNED THEM. Be proud. Maybe the reason others keep brushing off our achievements and calling us ''lucky'' is because we do exactly the same. Maybe we need to shout a little louder and be a little prouder of everything we have overcome, every small win that leads to our end goal. The small victories are the most important in my eyes, we should celebrate them in order for us to keep moving and to keep going.

why you should give yourself more credit

Love, M x