The biggest mistake I made in my first 6 months of network marketing

mistake in network marketing


ou might have read my 'Why I joined a network marketing company' post recently, where I explain my reasons and beliefs on network marketing. And so, I want to start opening up more about this topic; what to do and what not to do, how I am building my business and how to choose the right company etc.  Before I do that, I thought I would start with explaining THE BIGGEST mistake I made during the first 6 months in my network marketing business - so you hopefully won't make the same one.

Okay, here’s the deal; network marketing gets a bad rep. There is a whole stigma around it and especially when it comes to other bloggers it’s a big deal (correction: they will make it a big deal) so I started overthinking every decision. I started letting the opinions of others overrule my own as if mine didn’t matter anymore, as if I suddenly knew nothing and other people had all the answers. But I wanted this, I NEEDED this.

mistake in network marketing

The worst thing you can do WITH ANY DREAM YOU HAVE

I knew I had to go for it and be all in or it wouldn’t work out. Whilst thinking that, I was also constantly in a battle of thoughts such as ‘’what if; what if they say…..what if they think…….what if they laugh…..they they they’’. It was always about THEM, about others. I truly believe this is what was holding me back from running with this opportunity and never looking back. And I regret it so much.

I am not saying I can blame anyone but myself though, this was in my own head and only me could control my mind and productivity. I just struggled and let one influence the other. Whenever I felt the slightest bit of doubt I was nowhere near as productive, because I wasn’t all in. I do think realising this and knowing this about myself will have a huge benefit for the future, I believe it is better to be honest with yourself because only then can you make a change and start to progress in your personal development.

Only YOU can control this

Speaking of which, I have spend countless hours on personal development. COUNTLESS. These past 6 months I have read and watched a lot on how I could improve in any way possible, and so I am a strong advocate of personal development.

HOWEVER, (we knew there would be one) no matter how many podcasts you listen to or books you read, changing your mindset takes work, work you have to do on your own, in your own time. I have listened to speakers before who said ‘’other people don’t pay your bills so why does their opinion matter’’ and I would nod my head the whole time thinking ‘’yup makes sense, oh yes that’s so true’’ YET STILL, I would have the thought of other people’s opinions in the back of my mind.

You need to come to this point by yourself and it will take some time, for me it took years – years.


mistake in network marketing

Does this still affect me? Here's what I know now

mistake in network marketing

I can still not say with 100% certainty that I do not care about other people’s opinions anymore – BUT I can say that I don’t care about them when it comes to network marketing, and that is enough for now. That is what I needed, and it took me a long time. Anything I now want to do to broaden my personal brand and business - I do it with confidence and have ZERO INTEREST IN OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINIONS.

When I go outside without make up do I care if other people stare and do I worry about my skin being awful or my dark circles under my eyes? Yes. I do care. Buuuut, I never even used to go out without make up, so for me that is a big improvement and I am proud of that. Now I know this hasn’t got anything to do with network marketing but I want to put in context that caring about what other people think of you is understandable, but it shouldn’t impact your life in a negative way. You need to work on this because you only live your life for you, okay? You have to do whatever you want because people will talk anyway.

My advice to you;

focus on your OWN path ahead

So if you want to start something such as a business, blog, youtube channel, podcast etc but you are afraid of what people might say? This used to be me but I now strongly believe and learned that the ones who do say anything, are doing a lot less than you are – and would never be as brave as you to start something.

So don’t make the same mistake as I did because it truly held me back from doing what was necessary to succeed. I had big plans and set myself a goal but I let my thoughts get in the way of them – it really is self sabotage and I regret not realising this sooner. At the same time, I am glad I figured this out and worked so much on myself to stop caring – here is to the next 6 months, may there be more breakthroughs and more lessons to be learned.

Love, M x

mistake in network marketing